REVIEW - The Pestilence by Faisal Ansari

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Title: The Pestilence

Author: Faisal Ansari

Publisher: Matador

Release Date: 31st October 2015

Source: Neverland Blog Tours

The little girl cupped her hands and whispered almost inaudibly into her father’s ear. “The Pestilence is coming. Everybody here is going to die.”

A mysterious electrical phenomenon rolls above the cities of the world. The lightning which comes from the east, shines as far as the west, turning night into day.

Two brothers of the lightning, Samuel Srour and Victor Pierre Chaput are gifted powers by the storm. Their paths intertwined, with enemies on all sides.

Samuel Srour has unwittingly started a revolution. His Healed walk the Earth. Free of injury, sickness and disease, but powerful forces stand in his way and the Pestilence is drawing ever closer.

A total first for me is a book set in Israel, we all know that a lot (a lot!) of books that have strange happenings are set in the old US of A, which I love don't get me wrong but it is nice that other countries get a look in from time to time.

Because of the Israel setting obviously a few political issues come to light but the book is so much more than that.  It follows two men, the first Samuel a young man who lives on his family farm and Victor, an extremely rich man who wants to help sort out families in debt.

Both men have life changing events, both of which take place after strange lightening erupts and is seen across the world.  Is it the end of days?, what does this lightning signify?

The world is puzzled, a BBC reporter in Israel is determined to get to the bottom of the strange electrical disruption and his sources lead him to Samuel.

I don't want to spoil the story for you but Samuel and Victor have been touched by the lightning, giving them powers, changing them for the better or for the worse? 

In Samuel's case it is for the better, the ability to heal the sick and dying, and Victor?, well you will need to read the story yourself to find out his tale.

Literally electrifying and told from various POV's, the Pestilence is a gripping read with genuinely interesting characters and a wonderful setting.  The story flows wonderfully until that ending - I feel there could be more to come!

Thanks to Neverland Blog Tours for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Faisal Ansari has spent the majority of his adult life strapped into a suit writing marketing and stuffy legal documentation for M&A transactions in the City.

Despite growing up in London, Faisal’s overwhelming preference is to be outdoors. When trapped indoors he reads until his eyes bleed.

The Pestilence is his first novel.


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