My Red Rising Re-Read!

Howlers listen up, I LOVE RED RISING!!!

Okay, okay sorry got carried away there but I have just finished my re-read of this amazing book and it has totally revved up my love of this series.

First of all, why the re-read?

Well it is because the final book in the series Morning Star has landed and I thought it would be kinda a good idea to read the series back to back, to meet the characters again, to live in their world.

Now before I ramble any further this is what I said about Red Rising back in August 2014

So I am not enjoying writing this review, why? Because it means I have finished reading this awesome book and am now in the horrible process of waiting on the second book, AAAAARGH!!
Ok hissy fit over, this book with its deadly red cover and amazing credentials all over it, mentions of the Hunger Games, Game of Thrones etc and you know what?, they are all well deserved its like the Katniss and co have been shot in to space, landed on Mars, given birth to the Game of Thrones whilst feasting on a bit of Blade Runner with a dash of Tolkien and Orwell, have I gone over the top in my description? 
I love this book, I would have read it in one sitting if life didn't get in the way (my pesky kids!).  It is set upon our red neighbour Mars, we meet Darrow a young miner deep under the surface of the planet, he is mining a precious element used to terraform planets and his job is extremely important but he is also the lowest of the low.  Mars has a class system and Darrow is a Red, the Reds are bottom of the list carrying out all the horrible tasks the highers classes wont do. 
Darrow knows no difference he continues in his work until following a heartbreaking tragedy (cue tears from me) he discovers that his life has been full of lies, he has always been told there is nothing on the surface of the red planet, so needless to say the discovery of a vast population living up top in cities living life to the max comes as a shock but with that shock comes vengeance.
The population up top is also sorted by the class system and the rulers are the Golds, selfish, beautiful, cruel they are horrible and they are responsible for the Reds being kept in the dark, Darrow is given the chance of revenge by a shadowy rebel group but it comes at a painful cost, he will need to disguise himself as a Gold and it is not a simple case of dying his hair and popping in coloured contact lenses, he is literally redesigned, his entire body is carved so it is a perfect Gold specimen, the description of this happening is truly painful, you truly feel for Darrow and his quest to infiltrate the Golds.
The rebels want him to attend The Institute a school which sorts out the weaker Golds from the superior ones.  Darrow needs to seamlessly blend in, to become one of the people he truly hates, to make them believe he is one of them. 
He succeeds but he has to endure The Passage, a bloody ordeal where the Gold's sort out their weaklings and wage war against one another, the students are put in to houses, Darrow is House Mars and they all battle against one another in a terrifying war that test these teenagers to their limits, Darrow discovers who is the cruelest, the kindest, the most intelligent and so on but he also finds himself thinking of these Gold's as brothers and sisters as his time in The Institute goes on, is he losing sight of his original mission and becoming a Gold?
Well you will need to read and find out, the one thing that made me think this book would be good is a map, all of my favourite books have maps (Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings) and I constantly found myself referring to it as Darrow and his fellow Golds moved across their battleground.
I really did feel bereft when I finished this book, I love it when a book can truly blow you away like that, I know that pitting teenagers against one another is hardly a new idea but the setting on Mars along with the class system and language they use makes this an extremely compelling read.
I cannot wait to read more about Darrow, I want to discover more about the planet he is living on and obviously knowing what happens at the end of this book I need to know if he completes his mission.
Red Rising is one book you need to add to your bookshelf now, it makes The Hunger Games look tame and I guarantee you will love it.
So yeah, I loved it!

Sorry I should I say I love it and with this second read there are characters that have jumped past Darrow to become favourites, such as Sevro who on my first read came across as a little creepy but now he is a totally crazy badass plus Pax is amazing too, so loyal and soft but a giant of a man who could probably crush your skull with a squeeze of his fist.

Plus Mars is just an amazing setting, having watched The Martian this week I am having a total Mars overload and the red planet is the perfect setting for any science fiction novel or film

This re-read has made me appreciate the characters, the setting, the story even more and I am very excited to start book two Golden Son.

Darrow, well I feel he is living on borrowed time as a gold, his transformation from lowest of the low red to superior gold has been traumatic to say the least, how will his story end?

Well now that I have all three books in my possession, I hope to know that answer soon!

So have you read this series? 

Have you visited to find out what house you belong to? I am Apollo!!


  1. I didn't realize I guess that Red Rising came out in 2014, I was thinking of this series as more recent. I don't think I've seen a bad review either, it seems to be getting all the love. I would like to read more books set on Mars... this sounds great!

    1. Mars is the planet of the moment! Red Rising really is excellent!

  2. I really, really want to read this series! That's great you loved this one the second time around. Someone I know got to meet him tonight and I'm a bit jealous, despite NOT having read the books yet. haha I wanted to go anyway to meet the author but It's tough working nights sometimes.


    1. I'd love to meet Pierce Brown, he seems such a nice genuine guy plus a great author to boot!

  3. I am sooooo bad! I still have Red Rising and Golden Son from Netgalley, UNREAD! Thanks for the review. I know I have to set aside time to get this done. :)

  4. I love Red Rising! I had planned to do a re-read myself, before Morning Star was released, but I never found the time. Once MS came out, I couldn't wait to read it. Great review!

    1. I hope you enjoyed it Tiffany, I am looking forward to reading it!

  5. It's awesome how a re-read can make you love a book even more and appreciate certain characters or plot lines more. I didn't realize this book was set on Mars. I wans't sure whether I wanted to read this book as it sounds like a pretty typical dystopia and there's so much hype surrounding it, but maybe I'll reconsider as it does sound good. I'll keep it in mind for the next time I am in a dystopia book.

    1. It is set on Mars and it is brilliant, such great world building! Well worth reading Lola!

  6. I absolutely have to read this now. Thanks for re-reading and re-reviewing!

  7. I have been wanting to read Red Rising for a long time. I think now that the last book is out I will finally pick it up!

  8. Oh wow, I can clearly tell that you really do love this book! It makes me all the more excited because I haven't read it yet, but I do have it on my TBR. I am looking forward to when I can fall in love with it like you have done.

    1. It is just an amazing read with so much emotion in it too, I love it!


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