BEYOND THE BOOKS - Things I Miss About Being A Kid


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This week - Things I miss about being a kid

Well I'm the ripe old age of 37 so I was a kid a long time ago (though I am still one very much at heart), but there is a lot I miss such as......

Getting away with double denim

Nobody noticing that I was small cos everyone else was too

School dinners, mine were lovely

Living on a farm

Long hot summers

Deep snowy winters

No bills to pay

Clothes magically ironed themselves

Tea was always on the table

The enjoyment of reading certain books for the first time such as the Famous Five, Roald Dahl and the Lord of the Rings.



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  1. Great list! Paying no bills was on mine. Also getting away with wearing whatever I wanted (even if it was mismatched) and not caring what people thought.

  2. Yeah summers went on forever (but so did the school year!) and life was good. I didn't grow up on a farm but the subdivision I grew up in had a ton of kids and we ran around all day at each others' houses- good times. Free living. :) And yeah I remember exactly when I first read certain books... like LotR.

    1. Summer where always hot from the start of the holidays, never happens now!

  3. Oh my gawd, double denim! You are a comedian. I laughed out loud over that one. I mostly miss things we don't have anymore like drive-in theaters and corner mom and pop stores. :)

    1. I'd love to go to a drive-in, its not something we have over here!

  4. I would love to list a lot of things I miss about my childhood but being only 17 and thinking you stop being a child/teenager at age 18, I'm still living through mine! But I miss the days when I didn't have so much homework and I had all the time in the world!


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