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This week - My Last Two Blog Subscriptions

Okay this may be controversial but *in hushed tones* the last two blogs that I have subscribed to ARE NOT BOOK BLOGS.

There I said it and I haven't burst in to flames.

I have been getting interested in fashion a little bit more, but not Kardashian fashion, classy fashion with a hint of retro and I discovered two blogs that have these in spades, one especially is super fab and it's up first.

Forever Amber - this blog just celebrated it's tenth anniversary and it is fab.  Amber is an incredibly stylish Scottish redhead who blogs not just about fashion but gives amazing blogging tips, has great travel and lifestyle posts and she had a really cute dog too!

My other new subscribe is Cici-Marie

She has a really cute blog where she talks about and shows us her love of vintage inspired fashion and her style is responsible for me discovering Hell Bunny clothes, Google them, they are retro and cute - I just bought a cute mint green cardigan with pink flamingoes on it, it is epic!

I have a lot of reasons why I follow a blog but these two definitely tick my boxes.

Who have you found and subscribe to of late?


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  1. What, no Kardashian fashion? lol I clicked over on Forever Amber for some reason and she's got some good articles- I read Why She Doesn't Work for Free and Being a Full Time Blogger. In fact I may link that one on my Sunday Post as I can relate to it!

    1. Amber does some great blog help posts, glad you enjoyed them!

  2. I will be having a look at these, both! The last two blogs I followed were book blogs I came across doing the Get Up Offa That Slump Blog Extravaganza. In fact I think I followed five blogs all together from that event. :)


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