BIZARRE BOOKS #23 - The Drop - Horror Novel (with a difference!).

Whilst looking through the hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon I discovered hidden gems, books that maybe have been overshadowed and have not had the credit they deserve.

They may be a bizarre, they may be funny or even unintentionally funny, they may be wonderfully cute or they may just be a total WTF!!! book.

This weekly post is a tribute to these wonderful gems and to be honest some of them are worth looking at for their reviews alone!

So regular reads you may wonder why the hell a picture of a toilet roll is taking centre stage in this weeks Bizarre Books.

Well this is a book! Yes, you read that right, I discovered this gem on the plain outrageous Firebox site where they sell many weird and wonderful things.  

This staple of the smallest room in the house has been turned in to crazy scary horror stories thanks to Koji Suzuki who is the author of The Ring amongst other things.

Perfect reading for the loo?

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  1. Seriously?? Wow- I know some people read in the bathroom, but yeesh...

  2. Hahaha - honestly, I'm kind of curious.

  3. Oh gosh, scary stories that take place in the bathroom? I'm not sure I'd want to know! I'd be afraid to go! ahha


  4. Haha oh wow. This is definitely a bizarre book! This does take reading in the bathroom to a whole new level lol.

  5. I hope none of the stories are about things coming out of the toilet! Ha ha. A friend had a rat come up out of her apartment toilet in NYC and I never stayed at her place again! Yikes! She lives near Martha Stewart now so she has come up in the world! I really want to buy some of this TP to send to my cousin. :)

    1. Yep she has definitely gone up in the world but my god a rat, I would have literally **** myself!!


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