UK Release: 25th March 2016

Viewed at: Perth Playhouse, Scotland

Snacks Eaten: Salted Popcorn, Sweet Popcorn, Very Large Coke and a bag of Munchies

I love a Disney film, I may be very biased as my family are lucky enough to be members of the Disney Vacation Club and save like crazy to go to Orland every other year but when a film comes out it we need to see it, end of......well there have been some exceptions, still to see Star Wars but hey that isn't a cartoon and we didn't get to the Good Dinosaur but we did watch it on blu ray yesterday so apart from them we always go to see them.

Anyway ramble over, for some reason this film has two names but in the UK it is call Zootropolis and straight away I knew I was going to love this movie.  

I don't want to spoil it for you but the general plot is a world of anthropomorphic (shit did I spell that right, that is a big ass word) where predators and prey of old live in harmony.  Out in the country at Bunny Burrow lives Judy Hopps and her very large family, she has a dislike of foxes and when she grows up she wants to join the police.  However she is a bunny and bunnies don't make police officers, she is going to change that.

The story continues with Judy joining the force and her dream is of course nothing like the reality, her hopes had been to serve and protect, she finds herself a meter maid and through her day of ticketing cars she meets Nick Wilde, a fox and a crafty one at that.

The unlikely allies find themselves working together when animals start to go missing, can our rookie find the missing critters?

Of course there is tons more to this film than that, it is a Disney film for goodness sakes, there is a load of nod nod wink wink jokes referencing everything from Breaking Bad (yep really) to Frozen and the plot is just brilliant, and of course it looks beautiful.

Our leading lady bunny looks so soft and fluffy that you want to reach out and stroke her fur, the city of Zootropolis is just bonkers crazy, split in to different zones, tundra, rain forest, Arctic etc, each one is drawn to perfection.  

The voice cast are fab too with actors such as Idris Elba (very smooth!), Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin doing a great job to bring life to their onscreen furry characters.

 I took my kids who are 7 and 9 plus my biggest kid of 41 and we all enjoyed it, there are few scary moments so if you have young kids who don't appreciate snarling big beasts then maybe let them see it when they are older, but a certain scene in the film made the entire cinema jump.  
Disney fans young and old will love this, they are always upping their game and Zootropolis was fantastic.

I paid to see this film and the extortionate snacks myself!

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  1. I love the sound of this movie and plan on watching it eventually. It sounds like such a fun movie and the plot of the city filled with anthropomorphic animals sounds great. The animation quality looks great too and I've read multiple reviews so far of people who enjoyed it. Great review!

    1. It was an amazing film, I enjoyed it more that I thought I would.

  2. Extortionate snacks... no doubt. I love that salted popcorn though lol. Glad this was good, it looks fun. A bunny as a cop, yeah I can see where that would be a challenge. :) I kinda want to see this one.

  3. I am going to have to wait for the DVD on this one because my son took his girlfriend (I have lost my movie buddy) and none of my Friday Martini Girls were wanting to see it. The same thing happened with the new Star Wars movie. This does look wonderful and my son and his girlfriend loved it. Thanks for the review. :)

  4. This one wasn't on my radar until very recently, but I do really want to read it as well! I am loving the sound of it and how hilarious it is, as well as having a lot of meaning behind it too. Great review!


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