TRACKS OF MY YEARS - Live Through This by Hole

Of late I have found myself listening to a lot of music from when I was a teenager and I am loving my trip down memory lane.

My formative years were during the nineties when Seattle was big on the music scene, I found myself falling in love with loads of bands like the Pixies, Nirvana, Jane's Addiction, Throwing cd player and occasionally record player were loaded up with songs full of angst and swear words.

This occasional series of posts is to share my love of the gems and maybe some of you know them too.  The great thing about some of the albums is that some of them are stories in themselves and could happily be great novels, my first pick is one that fits that bill!

1. "Violet" 
2. "Miss World" 
3. "Plump" Love
4. "Asking for It" 
5. "Jennifer's Body" 
6. "Doll Parts"
7. "Credit in the Straight World" 
8. "Softer, Softest" 
9. "She Walks on Me" 
10. "I Think That I Would Die"  
11. "Gutless"
12. "Rock Star"

So I think I must have bought this roughly about 1994, I was still at school and I listened to this constantly on repeat.

To be honest as a fifteen year old I had no idea what half of Courtney Love's lyrics where about but as an angsty teenager they appealed to me.

I listened to this album in its entirety the other day and the songs still gave me and you know I hate to say it but they gave me major feels.

The lyrics can be haunting such as Miss World "watch me break and watch me burn", Doll Parts "I love him so much it just turns to hate" and Violet "You should learn how to say no".  

Courtney can also do shouty extremely well such as in Rock Star "What do you do with the revolution?".  

Even twenty years on this album still has the power to reduce me to a fuzzy ball of emotion.  I know Courtney Love is not everyone's cup of tea but this album is just immense and as I said above I really could quite imagine this as a book, an angsty young adult book, maybe something by Colleen Hoover or the likes.

If you want to listen to any tracks, click on the Amazon link and it'll give you samples of each song, my personal favourite would have to be Miss World, which has really depressing lyrics but I don't know something about it just made me listen to it over and over again on my Walkman! (remember them?)

Any other fans of Hole out there?

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  1. I was at primary school in the 80's when Shakin' Stevens, Adam Ant and Duran Duran were the top attractions! By the time I was in my last two years at secondary I was right into the Indie scene...Pixies, Wonder Dtuff, Wedding Present, James, Jesus Jones, Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets etc. I was at college by the time I discovered Jane's Addiction! I love 'Been Caught Stealing'! Ah the nostalgia...

    1. I loved the indie scene when I was a teen - especially The Pixies! A lot of these bands are still on the go which is wonderful!

  2. I used to LOVE Hole. I think other than Doll Parts, Miss World was my favorite on this album. I had this album and could sing along with all the songs. Great memories, thanks for making me think of it (and then go to YouTube and listen to them all again).

    1. You are welcome, Miss World still to this day gives me goosebumps!

  3. As you know from Facebook my son has my Live Through This CD, and now that I am thinking about it, all of my other Hole CDs, in fact he has had them so long I don't know how many I have. He basically has my entire CD collection in his room except for classical, blues, and jazz. He even has my Beatles CDs. I keep harping on him to put some of them on my iPod for me and gave him a list, but it never gets done. Heh. I totally agree with feeling the same emotions; that is why I love listening to older albums because they make me feel young again. This was a great idea for a feature!

    1. I keep mine hidden, my old ones are full of too much bad language - I can just see my pair singing all to Cypress Hill or Rage against the Machine!

  4. Oh man, I haven't listened to any of these songs in soooooo long. I was about 14 when this came out, and definitely know what you mean about just feeling it.

    1. It was epic, it still is. I know a lot of people hate Courtney but she can write a song!


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