BEYOND THE BOOKS - My Town Aberfeldy, Perthshire in Scotland!


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This week - My home town

So I was born and brought up in Perthshire in the heart of beautiful Scotland.  I moved to Aberfeldy in 2000.

So where is Aberfeldy?

Yep right in the middle, population couple of thousand and growing.

Aberfeldy is known for the following.....

JK Rowling, our local celebrity

General Wades Military Bridge built in 1733

Dewars Whisky

Schiehallion, a big ass mountain (pronounced she-hal-yee-on)

The Birks of Aberfeldy - Robert Burns wrote some poetry here about it!

There are a lot of holidays homes in the area, lots of big houses with rich owners, a ton of Range Rovers, shooting parties and tweed wearing luvvies.

MMmmmm, there is lots of other things as we are on the way to Loch Tay, castles galore, hills, moors, it really is a beautiful area! Come visit!

Where is your home town? Is it famous for anything?


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  1. I'd love to be close to castles, how cool. Looks like a great area. The Birks looks like an awesome place to hike/ explore...

    1. The Birks are incredible, at this time of the year it is like walking through a rainforest!

  2. So pretty! We are hoping to do a trip of Ireland and Scotland in the next few years and I can't wait! And how awesome that your local celebrity is JK Rowling! My town is actually famous for it's impact on the space industry. We have the Space and Rocket Center, NASA, and pretty much every company that have ever sent anything into orbit.

    1. I'm so jealous that you have NASA!! I love anything and everything to do with space!

  3. I love beautiful scenery, mountains, waterfalls and bridges so it sounds like a place I'd love to visit. Sad to say I haven't seen as much of my own country as I'd like to! Maybe a couple of days in your neck of the woods might happen some day!

  4. Alright, you totally convinced me. I'll be right over.(i hope you have room for me, lol) I didn't realize JK Rowling lives in Scotland. It looks so beautiful there. Lucky you!

  5. JKR, castles, and Dewars? I am there! I am putting Aberfeldy on my traveling List for when Sebastian finally stops screwing around and gets his butt into graduate school. The mountain looks fabulous, too. Back to the land where my red hair came from. Everyone thinks it is because I am Irish, but they were all dark haired. It comes from my great-great-great-grandfather whose mother was Scottish, and although he had dark hair, his beard always grew in red. God bless 'em. :)

    1. Ok, I better save another bed!! Book Bloggers retreat in Aberfeldy!!

  6. It looks like a beautiful area, Heather. My daughters and I are hoping to visit Scotland in a couple years. We're trying to decide where to visit so I will add Aberfeldy to our list!

    One of the things my town--Des Moines--is famous for is being the capital of Iowa which has the first caucuses every four years when the U.S. is going to elect a President. Many of the candidates spend a lot of time in Des Moines! (It's kind of crazy

    1. You should come and visit!! Des Moines always reminds me of Bill Bryson who is from the city! I have loved watching the US election!


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