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This week - Birth Order Matters

This week Beyond the Books talks about where you come in your families pecking orders, do you middle child syndrome, are you the baby?

Me?  I am an only child.

I like to think this is because my parents hit perfection first time!

Did it effect me growing up? Well no, my cousins lived close by so I was always in and out of there house, plus school friends where close too.

I'll be honest when I hit the teenage years I kinda missed having siblings, my friend at the time had a big brother and sister who of course both had cool friends, I wanted that.

But I wouldn't change anything, I had a lovely childhood.

I will say one thing though, being an only child did factor in to my decision to having two children.  Boy I am glad I stopped at two though, they fight like cat and dog!!

Are you from a big family? Are you an only child?


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  1. I'm an only too and for the most part I was pretty good with it. I did envy my friends with older sibling who had cute friends. I was definitely a bit jealous!

  2. I am the oldest kid and have one younger sister. My mom worked a lot when we grew up, so it was great to always have someone to talk to or to play with. We also fought now and then, but I think that's normal. We're still close even though we don't see each other as often. The downside of not being an only child is that you're always getting compared to the other kid(s), which can be a bit nasty at times, but overall I am really glad to have a sister.

    1. My pair are always at war with one another, I hope they stay close when they are older.

  3. I'm the youngest and I have an older brother and sister. It was nice growing up. Plus, my mom babysat, so I grew up with a lot of other children as well so it was kind of like having a big family!


    1. Aw, that would be great growing up with so many kids, lots of extra "brothers" and "sisters"!!


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