THE GAME PLAN - Review of Fallout Shelter

I don't just read, shocking I know, I do like a bit of a casual gaming too.  Most of it these days is done on my phone or Kindle Fire so I thought I review books, why not an occasional game? - The Game Plan was born.....

Fallout Shelter
Played on: Apple iPhone 5s
Publisher: Bethesda
Cost: FREE

So you may know I do appreciate the end of the world and all it's dystopian craziness, what is better than that madness condensed into a free game. 

Fallout Shelter is fun and easy to play, the idea is that the world has blown up and it is up to you to run an underground vault of "dwellers" and make sure they do what they are told, which is producing power, water, food  and most importantly babies!!

It has a cute retro feel to it, the dwellers come with a variety of outfits and weapons to collect within the vault - usually found through completing the many tasks you can take part in - or outside in the wasteland where you won't be alone, lots of dangerous critters are on the loose and some of them occasionally make it into the vault. 

This is an easy game to spend 5 minutes or 50 minutes on, as the dwellers generate their power etc it all happens in real time so if it says 5 minutes till more power then be patient or you can speed it up by rushing the room but this comes with the added risk of fires, molerats and other very bad things!

You can complete tasks as you go along with rewards including lunchboxes with exciting prizes, pets and vault money which you need to buy more rooms (not actual money, though like all "free" apps you can use yours to buy add-ons).

This game has spawned from the uber Fallout series that is now on Fallout 4, it also looks awesome but alas my house lacks a PS4 or one of those newfangled cool gaming machines, my last console was a Sega Master System, remember them people of a certain age?  My gaming is mainly hand held!

Anyway this is a great game that is fun to lose yourself in plus the dwellers are great little characters in themselves the natter away with each other and bitch and moan too!  Another plus is it seems to be regularly updated to keep it fresh.

A nice download to your gadget of choice.

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  1. It is a fun game but man, I suck at it. According to my husband, I was doing too much when I was playing
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Yep, you have to pace yourself when you play, I found out the hard way!

  2. Ha this sounds fun, I'll have to download this. I like the idea of the people bitching and complaining. :) Plus wasteland... why is the end of the world so fun? lol


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