BIZARRE BOOKS #30 - Puppies For When..... by Trevor Davies

Whilst looking through the hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon I discovered hidden gems, books that maybe have been overshadowed and have not had the credit they deserve.

They may be a bizarre, they may be funny or even unintentionally funny, they may be wonderfully cute or they may just be a total WTF!!! book.

This weekly post is a tribute to these wonderful gems and to be honest some of them are worth looking at for their reviews alone!

Hey kid, bad day?

I prescribe some puppies!

Emergency puppies that will get you out of that funk!

This books contains what can only be described as the sort of pictures that provide major "feels" and lots of oooooooohing and aaaaaahing.  

It is right to have a Parental Advisory sticker, as that shit is seriously cute, so cute it is dangerous!!

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  1. Oh man, I could totally use some emergency puppies sometimes lol. Cuteness makes everything better!

  2. Nice. I was over looking at this one and saw If it Fits, I Sits. Did you see that one? Fun pics! And Dog Shaming doesn't look bad either... :)

  3. The sequel can be Puppies Who Make Shit Happen! :D


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