BLOG TOUR REVIEW & EXCERPT - Resurgence by Kerry Wilkinson

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the third novel in the Silver Blackthorn series from Kerry Wilkinson, Resurgence.

Read an extract plus find out what I thought!

Following Reckoning and Renegade, Resurgence is the thrilling conclusion to Kerry Wilkinson's heartstopping Silver Blackthorn Trilogy. 

An entire country has been lied to. Silver Blackthorn was supposed to be one of the privileged few, chosen to serve and help rebuild a shattered nation. Instead she has been forced to become a rebel. Tales of her defiance have spread throughout the land. King Victor and the Minister Prime want her dead; the resistance groups are desperate for her help. Silver's friends and family are in dire jeopardy - hiding is no longer an option. As her travels take her into the furthest reaches of an unknown land, she is forced to make new friends and hunt for new allegiances. Final battle lines are being drawn. The time has come. And then there's the hardest choice of all: Opie or Imrin?

I feel a hand on my arm a fraction of a second before there is an enormous explosion which sets the ground rumbling again. We are standing at the top of the grass bank over-looking Martindale and I turn to face the noise in the gully as Opie pulls me close to him.
‘You’re bleeding,’ he whispers, wiping away the blood from my top lip. This time there is more than a trickle, the liquid dribbling over my mouth and running from my chin. In the distance a cloud of black and grey smoke rises into the sky, over the top of the trees.
‘It’s like the kamikazes of the old days,’ Evan says, before telling us quickly about pilots who used to fly their planes into objects, killing themselves and causing huge casualties or structural damage in the process. Further tremors drift on the breeze as more junk tumbles where the plane smashed into the ground. By the time it crash-landed, it was a few miles away from where my mother and everyone else were hiding in the lorry. They are almost certainly safe, not that whoever ordered the strike will know that.
The teleporter is warm and I repocket it as Opie pulls me towards him again. I shuffle away before noticing why he is trying to comfort me. I was watching the area past Martindale where the bang came from but don’t even know where to begin looking as he twists me to face the village.
When we were here trying to find where my family were hiding, we sat on this bank with a perfect view of every¬thing below us. There were small groups of light as Kingsmen hunted for me and I can picture where every¬thing should be. My eyes are drawn to where the inn once was. It was one of the village’s largest buildings but is now a smouldering pile of bricks. I spoke to Mayall in the alleyway behind it, asking him if he knew where my mother was. Now there is nothing but debris.
The only thing I can see that hasn’t been destroyed is the village hall. Usually there would be rows of buildings blocking our view but now there are only rising plumes of dust. Dots of villagers are heading towards the steps at the front of the hall, staggering and crawling. These are people I know, people I have grown up with.
I feel as if I am dreaming; the cobbled streets I knew so well are now a mass of tiles and rubble. It is almost too much to comprehend.
I don't know about you but when a series has been consistently good there is always a fear that the last book will fall flat, it happens.  Thankfully this, the third book in the thrilling dystopian Silver Blackthorn series is once more an excellent read.

Following on from Reckoning and Renegade, Resurgence makes for a satisfying read, following Silver, her friends and family as they try to keep under the radar of those who want them out of the picture notably the Minister Prime and King Victor.

I want to make sure this review is spoiler free, so don't expect any answers to questions from book 2!  

But what I can tell you about Resurgence is that after everything Silver has been through in books 1 and 2, well she gets a lot more thrown at her and her friends, people will be lost, new friendships will be formed.  Will Silver's story have a happy ending?

Kerry Wilkinson proves once more that he is a dab hand at the dystopian genre, this series as well as its British setting has been full of all the perfect aspects of dystopia, strong characters, menacing governments plus a hint of romance thrown in to the mix.

Resurgence did not disappoint and I hope Kerry delves in to dystopia again soon.

Thank you to Pan MacMillan for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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