The Sunday Post #47 - 8th May 2016

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I am going to recap my week, ramble about books and give you an idea of what I have coming up plus anything else newsworthy!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!

Not much to report apart from we bought a barbecue today which I know is not very exciting but we live in Scotland so this is like a huge deal as barbecue = hot hot sun!

It is also means it will now probably rain tomorrow.

On the blog front, I have been reading lots and blogging less! Too many good books plus I have been relishing listening to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast which is totally bonkers, all this means I haven't really felt like blogging to be honest.

My blogging mojo is all over the shop but hey shit happens and I am sure it will kick start again!

Also I believe it is Mother's Day for some of you today (the UK was earlier this year) so have a lovely day!

Have a good week everybody!

I love this show and it returns to the UK next week.

My picks from this week in years gone by!!

I have received physical and e-copies of some fab books this week, thank you to all the publishers for sending them! Also, some of them are my own purchases, the pics link to Goodreads for you to find out more!


Let me know if you have read any of them!

Happy Sunday!

Random Redheaded Ramblings

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  1. I just grilled out burgers tonight. :) Hope your weather cooperates. Are you liking Night Vale? I think it's a trip but it's almost TOO weird- I've only listened to the first few although I might jump back in. I thought about reviewing them but those would be some wacky posts. You should post your thoughts too...

    I like the cover of Pancakes in Paris.

  2. If I sell my apartment and buy something new I'm getting pay TV or Netflix or similar cos there are so many shows (like Silicon Valley) that I don't get to see. At the moment I eventually borrow some on DVD from the remaining Blockbuster video shop in town, but I keep thinking it will close any day!)

  3. Hahahaha I love the little comic picture. And yay, enjoy your brand new bbq and your new books :-)

  4. I'm always saying I want to organise my time better so I can read lots, catch up on films and TV and blog lots! Never quite seems to happen...My reading tends to take priority most of the time!

  5. Enjoy the barbecue!

    Your books are all new to me, but Pancakes in Paris looks tempting. Have a great week, and thanks for sharing. Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  6. I hope you'll have some nice weather to try out your new barbecue! Here it rains a lot as well, but we had very nice weather this week. That's good to hear you've been reading a lot of books lately and I hope your blogging mojo will return soon.
    Enjoy your new books and have a great week!

  7. I haven't had a grill in over a year now, so I am DYING for a grilled steak. I wish my Miguel would hurry up and get one. I guess we needed the lawnmower more last week (and then i mowed the lawn). It is nice to be outside. I hope you have nothing but blue skies every time you want to bar-be-Que.

  8. Silicon Valley is amazing and I think we are 2 episodes in. Love it!! Hope the blogging mojo comes back strong but at least you are good on the reading front!! Have a great week!

  9. I got Pancakes In Paris, too! I sounds interesting. I will be stopping back around tomorrow to look at your Uprooted and Bowie coloring book reviews. I had a huge Mother's Day dinner and I am falling asleep! To me the most important thing is the reading the books. Still doing two reviews and a Bizarre Books post is not too shabby, so I think you are doing fine. Have a wonderful week. :)

  10. I enjoyed your review of Uprooted - it is a great book, isn't it? As regards your blogging fairy flitting around, writng always takes a lot of headspace & we aren't machines. In the meantime hope you've had a chance to enjoy the better weather before it all cools down again. I'm feeling all green-eyed about you getting hold of 'Night Shift' - I've loved the two other books in this series, and hope you enjoy the exploits of Percy Jackson - I thought this was a fun take on the Greek mythology. This is my weekly wrap-up...

    1. Uprooted is magnificent, though I worry they make a film and make it terrible!!

  11. Barbecues are very important! I live in Texas and it is almost a staple for every household!
    Happy Reading! <a href="”>Dani @ Paulette’s Papers</a>


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