THE BUCKET LIST - Forty before 40 REVISITED!!!

So nearly a year ago I posted my bucket list, those forty things I wanted to achieve before I hit 40 in November 2018.

I thought it was time to revisit and see how awesome I have been with ticking off those forty items!!

So lets go and have a look at what is on the list with my notes on whats what!.....

 Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand - mmmmm nope not yet.

Visit Area 51, as I am nerdy like that! - noooope!

Go to an actual American basketball game and get hot dogs! - Orlando in September could knock this off my list.

Stay at a luxurious posh hotel like Gleneagles - Still waiting!

Fly 1st class (not original I know but I so want to!) - possible snowballs chance in hell of this!

Meet an actual author - I'm really not doing well with this one...

Meet JK Rowling in the local shop (she lives not far from me) - or this one either, I mean she lives a mile away!

Fly a light aircraft - maybe on my actual fortieth!

Write a book - I have an idea!....

Finally finish Breaking Bad - *hangs head in shame*

Reverse park my car like a boss (I hate reverse parking) - YES!!!!! But I also have reversing cameras on my new car but I can do it!

Learn to do a french plait (it looks fancy!) - No amount of looking at how to posts on Pinterest can help me with this one.

Meet a Disney Imagineer - hopefully on my Orlando trip, I could bump in to one!!

Achieve 80% on NetGalley - more chance of becoming the next woman in space.

Meet a fellow blogger! - no but am steadily making great blogging friends!

Visit Japan to see the Sakura blossom - have discovered other half fancies a visit but this item may get moved to my fifty before 50 list!!

Finally finish a Legend of Zelda game (I heart Link!) - still to do but I did get a cool Legend of Zelda calendar for Christmas!

Go to NYC at Christmas time - working on it!

Visit the cockpit of a Boeing 747 (I'm a bit of a plane nerd) - might have to downgrade to a Boeing 777 which is my boat across the Atlantic in September!

Take part in a Disney World parade - September, fingers crossed, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!

Visit Hogwarts (in Florida!) - Only doing Disney this hol but will be going again 2017/2018 so could be done

Start jogging again and keep jogging! - YES!!!! I have been tentatively getting fitter, everything aches!

Learn to code html and css like a total boss! - A little, have a bit more understanding about what not to touch!!

Tour Disney by Segway - Can't do till my kids get bigger which is likely to be after my fortieth!

Meet Simon Pegg and Nick Frost - No *sad face*

Meet Hugh Howey - No *sad face*

Amass a collection of Funko Pop Models - YES!!!! I have 9 now - Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Snape, Bender from Futurama, C3PO, Stormtrooper, Jayne from Firely, Amy Farrah Fowler and Michonne from the Walking Dead, a mixed bag of awesome!

Amass a collection of Momiji Dolls - still only one!

Amass a collection of Vinylmation - Likely to come off this list as my need for Funko Pops grow!

Learn carpentry to build a shelf for books - Ha, what the fuck was I thinking with this one, not a hope!

Meet Nathan Fillion and the cast of Firefly - Sigh, one day..

Attend San Diego Comic Con in Cosplay - I need this to happen!

Drive a fast car round a race track - hoping this happens for birthday, working on it!

Learn to swim - I prefer to bob near the edge

Dine at every Disney World restaurant - NOT QUITE, but we have the Disney Dining Plan for our holiday so aim to tick a lot of the list!!

See Cirque de Soleil - quite fancy this for September hol

Start driving again  Tick, started December 2014 - Still going strong with 20k miles under my belt and two punctures!

Go to Book Expo America - unlikely, boo

Get husband persuaded to have more bookcases - hell may have to freeze over first!

Start my 50 things to do before 50 list! - see that trip to Japan

So as you can see I have really done much at all but I think I shall revisit after my holiday to see if I can check any off!!!

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  1. I didn't know you lived so close to Rowling; that's fun!! You never know. One of these days...haha

    I'm going to London in September so I get to do the HP studio tour. I STILL need to make it to Orlando and do The Wizarding World of Harry Potter though.


  2. Good luck w/ scratching some of those off in Sept. :) Did you see the new Zelda game trailer that came out in the last day or so (I think from E3?). Looks awesome. I've never played a Zelda but I would love to try that game... NYC at Christmas would be cool too I think.

    1. The trailer looks amazing, the Zelda games always look beautiful plus the music gets me every time.

  3. I can tell you one of my Negalley secrets. This is perfect for you because you have kids! Go to Read Now and grab a bunch of kids books and read them. Picture books are easy to review. I read them to the kids I babysit. Were the illustrations good? Was the reading rhythm good? If it was a rhyming book were the rhymes good? Is it subject matter that will interest that age group? Was it too short / too long for that age group? VoilĂ , you have a book read and reviewed in less than half an hour! A book is a book on Netgally. Ha ha. I do this every time I get below 85%. I would love to met you at some of these places! NYC would be the easiest. My son is supposed to take me to WWoHP at some point. I would love to go to Japan, too. My list will be 100 before 100. Heh heh.

    1. That is a sneaky great idea! I may have to have a look at doing that.

      We should have a book bloggers road trip!

  4. I've been in the cockpit of a 747 and it was pretty cool! I was ten and the captain spent most of the flight letting all the kids into the cockpit to see what was happening. Very cool! With new security measures since 9/11, I'm not sure if they do it now. I'd LOVE to see Hobbiton and all the Harry Potter theme parks but I don't have the money to go overseas. I don't even have the money to do the studio tour here or visit King's Cross! *sulks*

    1. No I don't think they would but I could always try when it is on the ground, with permission!! They need a HP park or attraction here in Scotland as a lot of it was filmed here.

  5. I had to smile that 80% on netgalley made your list. It should be on mine too. I am forever stuck between 60 and 70% on there.
    You did make some good progress already and some goals you hopefully can do soon!

    And knowing what not to touch with html and css is the first step! html and css is also something I want to learn, I do okay with html and when I see a sheet of css I sometimes can sorta understand what it says. But I can't write my own CSS yet.

    Good luck with all your goals and I hope you can do most of these before you're 40!

  6. Huh... I would have to do a 50 before 50, since I'm already 45... I hope you'll be able to do more of the things you've put on here, Heather! And I really, really hope you'll be able to go to BEA. It was a lot of fun, and that one item would help you tick off several things from your list - meeting authors, meeting other bloggers ;)
    Have a fantastic Friday!!
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  7. Oh I should do a 50 before 50! It would be good fun. LOL at your non progress on some of these. Well done on the running though and it sounds like Orlando will bump a few more items off too. Maybe you could do one of the Disney Runs there, they are meant to be an amazing experience. And you are fully to blame for me wanting a Momiji doll. First item for my 50 before 50 :D

    1. I would love to do one of the Disney Runs, they looks amazing and have brilliant themes!

  8. Hehe I liked looking at this list and seeing all your annotations of what you had managed to already get done, and what still needed a little bit more work. It seems like you have a lot of ideas for some of them and things may head in the direction of being able to cross them off soon!


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