I Saw This and Thought Of You #1 - Dear Star Wars Fan


In which I "write" letters to random people and places to share my finds
that I believe they will find useful !

Dear Star Wars Fan

I saw this and though of you.

I know you love fashion and you love shoes, so check out these beauties, are they not the best?

They might not be good for walking the dog or even driving the car but you have to admit that they are freaking awesome.  

Hope you are well.



Irregular Choice R2D2 
Irregular Choice Day of the Trooper
Irregular Choice Chewbacca

PS: For more like these go to Irregular Choice, they have some amazing designs!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love this. I love the nerdiness of these shoes and though I could never imagine walking in them, I admire them for afar <3

  2. Oh these look pretty cool! Although I probably wouldn't be able to walk on those heels.

  3. Love the R2D2 shoes! I doubt I could wear anything that high, though. But what fun!

  4. LOL I consider myself a part of fandoms..but draw the line on what I consider cool. I am not sure about those heels..really? Now a pair of Doctor Who Kicks..yes please.

    1. Some fandoms are crazy, I have seen some cool Star Wars bags plus these shoes are expensive!!

  5. Love the idea of this series! :D


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