BEYOND THE BOOKS - 25 Random Facts About Moi!

Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted by KissinBlueKaren where she throws out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and we blog about it!

This week - 25 Random Facts About Moi!

#1 - I actually really hate books and just have lots of them to look well read.

#2 - I am prone to bouts of sarcasm (see #1).

#3 - I love *fangirl voice* Disney World and I am a Disney Vacation Club Member, I love when they say "Welcome Home" to me.

#4 - I am from Scotland and hate our water of life ie: whiskey, it is quite frankly bleurgh.

#5 - Haggis is lovely though, I love it though they are right buggers to catch.....

#6 - I can pick things up with my feet, handy for when I drop food.

#7 - I only started driving again in December 2014 after nearly 18 years or so not driving.

#8 - In the first six months of driving again, I had two punctures which obviously where totally not my fault.

#9 - I have a certificate for swimming a metre with a float.

#10 - At the age of 37 I still cannot swim.

#11 - I love colouring in books.

#12 - I adore salmon (in the eating sense).

#13 - I work for a jewellery company called Eternal Collection

#14 - I really want to be a runner but the rain and the cold get in my way.

#15 - I love handbags and scarves and fitflops (not flipflops, fitflops!) and jewellery and perfume and eos lip balms and funko pops.

#16 - I consider Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation to be a great man.

#17 - I have a massive collection of cookbooks that I like to look at but never cook from.

#18 - I fucking love swearing but not the C word, it is bad!

#19 - I hate audio books but love podcasts.

#20 - I'm obsessed with science and space stuff.

#21 - I feel constant guilt for many things.

#22 - I love zombies but hate most horror films like Freddy, Jason etc.

#23 - Me and my other half have been together for 20 years this month.

#24 - My two kids annoy me to death but I love them to bits.

#25 - I love my dog but secretly would like a cat too.

So readers lemme hear those random facts, share!

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  1. Ha ha this is great. Congrats on 20 years BTW! #3 and 18 are great- I love Disney World too, never get tired of it. And I've never had haggis and not sure I want to?!?? lol

    1. Try haggis, c'mon it is amazing as long as you don't think about what is in it!

  2. I'm not a good swimmer either. I can keep myself afloat but I hate having water in my face or getting my hair wet. I'm sarcastic too and I worry that people don't always get my sense of humor especially in written form. And yes to Disney World! I love Disney World! Maybe not quite as much as you but it's still one of my favorite vacation destinations and I'm actually looking forward to going without kids!

  3. OMGAWD! I absolutly HATE, HATE, HATE the "C" word, and I don't care for MFer either! You know, I have seen nature documentaries about those little haggis and frankly I really don't know how people could eat those precious little things. It's barbaric! My sister shares your EOS addiction shame. I can also pick things up with my feet thanks to a stupid podiatrist who told my mother that making me pick up marbles with my toes and putting them in a sand pail half an hour every day would cure my flat feet. *serious side eye* I will drink your share of the whiskey. Ha ha. Congrats on 20 years! I only made it 15, but I am not sad. :D I loved this post.

    1. Thank Linda - but urgh you can keep the whiskey it is just yeurgh!

  4. If it helps, myself, my mom, and my grandmother all can't swim hahah so you're not alone! Though I think me and my mom are going to try to learn. And I'm so with you on the massive collection of cookbooks that never get any use. The pictures are the best part. The cooking bit... not always.

    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian

  5. How fun! Congrats on 20 years of being married. I'm 26 and I have never driven a car before. It really freaks me out, but I KNOW I'm going to have to try at some point. haha

    I can't focus on audiobooks; I get distracted easily. I wish I could enjoy them though!


    1. Driving a car is scary for the first few times and then something clicks and before you know it it feels like you have been doing it for years!

  6. I fucking love swearing too! I can't imagine not swimming, or driving for 18 years. I would be so lost without my wheels, and the water. I love Zombies too! I actually like Whiskey, but Vodka is my favorite drink (besides beer, but i sometimes mix them cuz i am crazy).
    Congratulations on 20 years! That is so awesome!

    1. Vodka is much better than whiskey, I just can't stand the smell or the taste!

  7. Hahahaha I love that you have cookbooks just to look at them but never cook from them. It's like the real life version of Pinterest!

    Congrats and happy anniversary to you and your husband!

    I have never actually tried whiskey or haggis, so I'll have to take your word for both :-P But I'm also amazing at picking things up with my feet! Lol such a random skill to have.

    What a fun post!

    1. Avoid whiskey Kristen but try haggis, it can be really lovely!

  8. Here in the Netherlands learning how to swim is almost mandatory. Everyone gets school swimming lessons. And I also own some cookbooks, but rarely use them. I am afraid of damaging them and get my best ideas from pinterest, I love pinterest.
    I am also pretty handy with my feet, although I rarely try and pick something up with them. I also love coloring books, but rarely make time for them. While I love sci-fi books, space freaks me out. I hate salmon, can't stand the taste.

    1. I wish it was mandatory here, maybe one day I will learn. Pinterest is the best, I could (and have) spend hours working on my boards!!!


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