REVIEW - Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton

Title: Good Morning, Midnight

Author: Lily Brooks-Dalton

Publisher: W & N - Orion Publishing Group

Release Date: 11th August 2016

Source: Publisher ARC

Augustine, a brilliant, ageing scientist, has stayed behind at the Barbeau Observatory, a remote research centre located at the Arctic Circle. The observatory was evacuated when news arrived that a mysterious, catastrophic event was underway. Hours after the last airlift departed, Augustine - who insisted on staying behind to collect data - discovers Iris, a reticent, enigmatic child. In spite of the observatory's state of the art equipment, Augustine is unable to establish contact; all communication with the rest of the world has gone dark.
Mission Specialist Sullivan, a divorced astronaut and mother, is flying aboard a spaceship, the Aether, returning to Earth following a successful mission to Jupiter. Suddenly, inexplicably, the Aether loses all contact with Mission Control. In a vacuum of information, the crew must determine the best course of action.
Faced with the cold, barren sweep of the Arctic, the vast silence of space, what will they do next and who will they become?

This is a beautiful gem of a novel, wonderfully set in two of the most inhospitable places that we can travel to - the Arctic circle and the vastness of space.

Set in our near future, Good Morning, Midnight takes us to the frozen Arctic wastes, to the observatory that is home to Augustine.  He is an incredible scientist but a not very good human being, his life has been eventful and now as an elderly man he just wants to gaze at the stars.

In space cruises the Aether, a spaceship on its successful return journey from Jupiter.  Its small crew are eager to get home to their families, the book focuses on Sullivan who is a mother, an ex-wife and a woman who has given up a lot to realise her dreams.

What does our Arctic and space dwellers have in common, one day they lose contact with the rest of Earth.

Augustine is the only person left at the observatory, the rest of the scientists evacuated with talks of war.  Augustine stayed behind, he has nobody to go to and would rather stay with his stars but as he starts to prepare for his indefinite stay he discovers he is not alone.  A young girl called Iris has been left behind, she doesn't say much but together they form an unlikely friendship.  

He is not really bothered about making contact with the outside world, so the loss of signal doesn't come high on his to-do list but for the crew of the Aether, it does not bode well.

They have been constantly following the orders from mission control and now they are on their own, what can they expect when they go back to Earth, will there be anything left to go back to?

I hope that is enough to tease you, this is really a great read and the best thing about it is that it leaves you with a ton of questions, the main being "what the hell happened on Earth?", this question is never answered and to be honest I love the author for doing that.  It keeps you wondering but I think if the author had brought a whole heap of zombies or killer robots in to the equation it would have spoiled the whole aesthetic of this novel.

The ending leaves you really wanting more and this book rewards your reading time by throwing in some wonderful twists and turns.

Thank you to W & N for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Great review! I've been excited for the release of this book for quite a while now so it's good to hear you loved it. Exactly a month today until I can get my hands on it!

    Caitlin @ Words and Other Beasts

  2. This book sounds like a really unique mix that makes this one into a really good and enjoyable book which leaves the reader asking a lot of questions! That would definitely keep me turning the pages as I want to know the answers :D


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