BIZARRE BOOKS #36 - Pets with Tourette's by Mike Lepine & Mark Leigh

Whilst looking through the hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon I discovered hidden gems, books that maybe have been overshadowed and have not had the credit they deserve.

They may be a bizarre, they may be funny or even unintentionally funny, they may be wonderfully cute or they may just be a total WTF!!! book.

This weekly post is a tribute to these wonderful gems and to be honest some of them are worth looking at for their reviews alone!

Now I will warn you that this book has very mixed reviews, so why have I included it here?

Well it is because there is a hamster sitting in a box with a cute face saying "Bollocks!", I am easily amused.

Does you cat cuss? Does your dog have a potty mouth? Have a rat with a mind in the gutter? This book could be for you!!

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  1. HAH! I do love the cover.


  2. Yeah the hamster saying bollocks got me too. Nice to see Bizarre Books back. :) AS usual the best part is the reviews and the sampler - foul mouthed animals! :)

  3. How bad is the word bollocks on a swear word scale of one to ten? I don't actually know what it means! Ha ha. XD

    1. How did I miss this comment?!! On a scale of one to ten probably five. I wouldn't want to here my kids say it. It usually refers to a gentleman's downstairs!

  4. You know what? Now that I really think about it, one of my dogs & one of my cats do. I mean, it's in their personalities. The other two ... no. How funny.

  5. What? Okay, I can see how that could be cute. And apparently we have a similar sense of humor! Thanks for the great find!


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