FRIDAY FAVOURITES #3 - Orlando Baby!

Friday is a great day, it is the end of the week, the start of the weekend and it is going to be the day where I tell about the random thing that has made me happy this week.  It won't be a book thing, it will be things that I come across in my everyday life!

This week I love...........


Oh yeah, cue the happy dance 

We will be leaving cold Scotland and heading to the sunshine in Florida via one of these for 90 minutes....
Then one of these for 9 hours.....
But I do get these for free, so happy days....
Followed by probably getting lost in Orlando in the hire car, I'm picturing this sort of scene happening already...
Well this scene without the Grand Canyon thing going on!

The main reason for going to Orlando?

Well of course we are going to see the Mouse at Walt Disney World and have a fantastic time.  Have lots of lovely family time and eat a ton of ridiculous food!

So I will be away from the blog until the 14th October but I will still be kicking about on social media as y'know one has to instagram pictures of food and plane wings.

See you all soon!

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