FRIDAY FAVOURITES #2 - I Survived iOS 10!

Friday is a great day, it is the end of the week, the start of the weekend and it is going to be the day where I tell about the random thing that has made me happy this week.  It won't be a book thing, it will be things that I come across in my everyday life!

This week I love...........

The fact that my phone survived the scary new iOS 10 upgrade!

So the other day iOS10, the latest incarnation of software for the iPhone/iPad/everything fruit related became available.  Straight away there was reports of phones dying, people becoming bereft because they couldn't tweet or share a picture of their dog or favourite pudding on Instagram.

Not Me!

My upgrade took all of 30 minutes, I feel smug as my phone survived in one piece.

Is it any better?

Well, I don't know about better, maybe a little different.  The best thing is I can finally get rid of that bloody stocks app, I mean who uses that?

My favourite thing so far it the changes to iMessage, you can now add cute stickers (some animated) and make swirly stupid pictures. Life changing it is not, but fun it most definitely is.

Oh and there are a few new emojis, including.....

Mashable have the full list of new ones including what to do with them in case you make an emoji faux pas, that aubergine one can lead to a lot of red faces.

Anyway, my Friday questions are have you upgraded? Do you love an emoji? What does that aubergine mean?

Happy Friday peeps!

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  1. It's the weekeeeennnddd.... okay, now that that's out of the way. I somehow missed all the fun with the upgrade, but then I'm phone challenged anyway. Emojis though- yay!! I like the female sleuth one lol.

    Happy weekend!

    1. Thank goodness it is FRIDAAAAY!!! I wish I was phone challenged, I loved my old Nokia, a nice basic phone! Have a good weekend and hurry up and read OMNIA!!!

  2. So much fun on IOS 10, it would feel like you have a brand new phone! Those emojis are so cute hehe.

  3. I did not know that about the aubergine emoji! Heh heh. When I Googled it I found a page that had percentages of raunchy emojis used by countries and CANADA has the highest percentage of raunchy emoji use; the mnastubation fist being their most poopular. Hahahahahaha! I do not have a smart phone, so I missed all the hooplah. I guess there is a feature in the upgrade where you can correct the grammar and usage in other people's text. Happy to hear you upgraded with no glitches. I love this Fiuday feature. :)

  4. Glad to hear your phone got through the update smoothly. Updates always make me a bit nervous, I am always afraid something goes wrong. Although I don't have a smartphone, so I didn't know about all these things and changes. The new stickers and emoji does sound neat.


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