The Sunday Post #58 - 18th September 2016

Welcome to my Sunday Post, a weekly meme hosted by Kimberley over at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer . Join me as I ramble about my week in and out of the blogosphere.

Hello, how you doing?

I've not done a Sunday Post for nearly a month, but then again I've not really been blogging much to do one!

I'm going on holiday at the end of next week and quite frankly can barely sleep from the excitement, never mind read or blog, so there will be a much reduced service here! 

I'll be back to full service roughly around the 14th October.  I will still be hanging around social media because obviously going on holiday will require a shitload of posting of random plane wings, plates of food and palm trees.  Follow me on Instagram as I dick about with stupid filters!

I'm hoping to spend some time next week getting some reviews typed up and scheduled for my return along with getting Bizarre Books back from its hiatus, joining in with some weekly link ups and generally just getting my blogging mojo to schedule ahead so I don't freak out about what I need to do.  

To be honest, I need a holiday and I know that sounds pathetic but I am tired and under the weather so my presciption is two weeks in Orlando, Florida will get me out of my funk and energised.

America, I am coming to get you!!!! Oh yes, Walt Disney World you will be my world for two whole weeks, this is my seventh time in Mickey heaven but I still get giddy with excitement.  I love visting Florida and one day I hope to visit other parts of the country too.

I am also coming to shop!!! Most notably in Hot Topic, Bath and Body Works and Sephora!!  In fact I already have a parcel of Funko Pop's waiting at the hotel for me thanks to winning a $20 Amazon GC.

Hope you are all well, see you all soon!!


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  1. Have a fantastic time at Disney and a good time shopping! I'm not sure there's a better way to get out of your funk than a visit to the mouse! Have a great week!

  2. Yeah Disney World! I could live there lol. Enjoy your trip, looking forward to seeing your pics. And yeah I hope you bring back Bizarre Books. :)

    You're coming at a good time because if Trump is elected America will become a frickin dystopia lol and we won't need dystopian BOOks anymore. Ha ha The Relic Guild has an amazing cover.

  3. haha that's a funny picture at the end, and kind of true! Well, if I'm on a beach, I'll read a lot but I was in London a week ago and I did NO reading. haha Too busy! That's great you are visiting Orlando again soon. I really want to go sometime soon. I hope you have fun!


  4. When I saw your post pop up I had the guilts as I couldn't remember visiting your blog in a while. But I took a month off about two months ago and have been back for the last few weeks - while you've been busy.

    It sounds like you do need the holiday and I hope you're not too busy in the lead-up to it. Enjoy your time in America. Perhaps you could write a short pic-based post while on holidays as I'd enjoy hearing what you're up to... I think Lexxie from Unconventional Book Reviews recently holidays there as well and (as someone outside of America) I was interested to see how she enjoyed it!

  5. Haha you are too funny. Enjoy your vacation and have fun all those pictures of random plane wings and palm trees! ;-)

  6. Orlando, Florida sounds amazing. I hope you have a lot of fun.
    Happy Reading! ;)

  7. You deserve your holiday Heather. I hope you have a great time while there!

  8. Yay for Disney!!! We go the end of the month and I am so excited. Have a great time!!

  9. Not reading your review of Gemina (beyond the first line) because, well, I don't have a copy yet :( But I suspect when I do, I'll be dropping everything to read it!

  10. have a wonderful time in Orlando!! I adore Disney but haven't been in over a decade! And I also adore Sephora so have fun!
    Hope you have a relaxing holiday!

  11. Enjoy your holiday! I know how great it feels to get away from it all, even though my life is not that stressful these days (retirement, freelance).

    I always get anxious about the packing and trying to remember everything, which tells you that I don't go away often enough.

    Thanks for sharing, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  12. Enjoy your much needed vacation...Orlando is a lot of fun, my mom lives there.

  13. All summer long bloggers were asking how many books they should take to read during vacation trips, and I kept thinking you read that much on trips? One book would do me just fine, and that probably wouldn't get finished unless I had a couple of long flights. XD

  14. I hope you have a brilliant trip and that the time away will do you good so you can come back home happier and more motivated to get done all you need to get done! I know the importance of taking a break from time to time. And shopping sounds epic :D

  15. It's always fun looking forward to a vacation! I hope you'll have fun during your holiday :). I've visited Disney Land Paris two times, but not any of the other Disney Lands. I hope you'll have a great week!


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