Four Go To Florida #2 Getting Around

Four Go To Florida #2 Getting Around

Ok I did say I was going to do my resort this week but I have changed my mind and have decided to broach the subject of getting around in Orlando or to give this post its alternative name -Four go to Florida 2016 #2 Getting Around, Have you not heard of indicators you f***ing idiot or a speed limit????

I want to talk about driving and I also want to talk about the radio station we listen too, I have a lot to get off my chest so lets go.

Okay first of all I live in Scotland and driving is a little different for the following reasons-
  • We drive on the correct side of the road!!! 
  • Our roads are narrower
  • Most of our cars (with some exceptions) are smaller
  • Fuel costs roughly the same as a bar of gold
  • Fuel = Gas
  • Our roads are not always straight
  • We have higher speed limits
  • We have less cup holders
  • Boot = Trunk
  • Stop sign = I totally paused officer
  • Red lights mean stop, not turn if nothings coming
A narrow road near home!

As you will remember, because you read the last post didn't you? (what do you mean you didn't) we had hired a car for the first time and as we had so many cases and other shit we needed something with a big boot, so we ended up with a 5.3 litre Chevy Tahoe which was christened Redfire.

Our chariot Redfire
It was badass and I have no idea how big the fuel tank was, but that bad boy could probably have driven around for weeks without a dent in the fuel gauge.

We had survived our trip from the airport to our hotel, a few things were noticed as we drove along. The obvious one was we were on totally the wrong side of the road but this of course wasn't a surprise, what was a surprise was the speed of the other cars.

As a Brit, we are led to believe that America drives slowly, everywhere.  This did not seem to be the case, we were sticking to the speed limit according to the handy signs and cars were winging past us. In a 45mph zone, things were zooming past us.  Was 45 just a suggestion, a handy hint?

We did get a little bit of a complex with this but decided even if they knew best, well it was up to them as we didn't want to get caught by the Mickey Mouse fuzz.

Something else that I found hysterical was the lane changing, cars would just appear out of nowhere and caught right across you to get to the other side, I'm glad I let my husband do all the driving as I would be effing and blinding at them!

Indicators as well are a handy invention but they don't seem to get used either.  But hey us Brits are guilty of this too.

Something else that took a bit of getting used to was this whole turning on red thing, with us red means stop, don't move or else but I actually think this is a brilliant idea as I have been frequently stopped by a red when nothing is coming.  It still felt like we were breaking the law though!!

OMG huge spaces!  Don't ask why I took a pic of this!
Now I don't want to be down on driving in Orlando because there was good things such as....
  • Massive wide roads
  • Massive big parking spaces
  • Awesome multi story car parks with green lights to show spaces
  • Cheap fuel
  • Straight roads
  • Lots and lots and lots of cup holders
Awesome wide roads
I also had a love/hate with our radio station that was deemed by the kids to be the best, I think it was called XL106.7, it some great pop songs including our own darling Adele and those scamps Coldplay plus they played a mix of other songs including cool dudes of the moment The Chainsmokers and Justin Beaver.  After a few longer trips in the car I discovered that they only seemed to play the same dozen songs over and over again, sometimes within the same hour.

Because of this I now love Justin Beaver, ok that is a lie but those current songs of his are great pop even if he is a sociopathic little twerp.

To sum up my post I will honestly say that we loved having a car in Orlando, it made it so much easier to see things at our own pace.  Yes we did feel like Driving Miss Daisy a lot of the time as 80 year olds in Porsche's passed us by but it was a learning curve and next time we will be ready.

Heather x

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  1. As a pedestrian in Dallas, I nearly became roadkill thinking it was safe to cross roads when the lights said 'cross'. Lies!!! Nobody seemed to obey the lights there and it was hellish. I do like the sound of bigger parking spaces though. Over here, parking spaces are drawn on the assumption that nobody needs to get in or out the car!

    1. They are hellish here, we spend ages driving round Tesco trying to find a space that we can actually use without sucking our bellies in!

  2. No indicators= welcome to America baby! We (not me of course) are terrible about using our blinkers (or turn signals, or whatever- I like your term indicators). And speed limits- good luck with that! I remember the last time I drove down by Orlando people were f'ing assholes lol. And I love it when people zip past and cross three lanes!!! Okay the rest of us will just get the frick out of the way lol.

    Too funny tho, and yeah having a car is nice. You can zip around Orlando and go wherever you want. :) Fun post.

    1. The whole indicator (blinker etc) was just crazy, they drive like they are the only car on the road. It is funny but the amount of bumps in that area must be staggering!

  3. Your next trip should be to New Jersy. They have the worst drivers in the world. Then a drive on a California freeway will round it out. I am a car accident freak, so slower speeds and no right on red would be fine by me.

    1. I want to visit NYC so can do a side trip to NJ. Flew in to LA years ago and the roads looked bonkers!!

  4. Ugh, the driving sounds quite horrid (on the whole). I've only had to drive on the 'wrong' side of the road once and thankfully I didn't have to drive there much.

    I've never been to the US so haven't experienced their roads but am pretty sure I wouldn't like to do any city driving. I haven't even really driven in our two largest cities (Sydney / Melbourne) so...

    1. At least in Australia you guys are on the same side of the road as us! I've been to Brisbane and it wasn't too bad driving wise apart from people undertaking!

  5. I don't think I sent my comment! *head bang*

    Quick recap of that:

    - radio stations here can drive me nuts, playing the same thing over and over.
    -I always think of Americans as fast drivers. They tend to go over the speed limit unless cops are around.


    1. The radio station is now responsible for me loving not one but two Justin Bieber songs!!! Hardly saw any cops which surprised me as Disney World is supposed to be bad for speed traps!

  6. lol! I love reading stuff like this - how others experience it here. The roads, gas, speed limits, etc are different for other states. You guys need to do a cross country drive of the States. :D

    1. I would love to do that, for my big 40 in two years I've told the other half I want to fly to LA then drive through to Vegas!

  7. It's always a different experience driving in different countries! I mean, I wouldn't really know as I don't drive - but my mother is always telling me that so I feel like I know if from her, second hand. Which is why my parents don't drive outside of Europe. We end up using public transport or paying for taxis :P


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