Fed up of France? Disney World just not doing it for you? Tired of Thailand? Exhausted with Egypt?

Fear not!! Why not go off planet and visit the a far off exotic world? 

Galactic Travel Guide will bring to you exclusively during the month of November, guides to the hippest planets out there!

This week it is the distant planet of LV-426

Approximately 39 light years away from Planet Earth, travel to LV-426 aka Acheron may take some time but you will be guaranteed a warm welcome once you eventually arrive!  

Warm and inviting..........
Travel approximately 195 trillion miles and the cost, well if you have to ask then you can't afford it (actually I did try and work it out using the cost of my last flight to America but quite frankly my calculator didn't have enough space), enjoy relaxing hyper-sleep and awake ready to explore what this barren, inhospitable, exotic moon has to offer.
Enjoy sweet dreams during your travel
Leave your sunscreen at home but bring your best thermal jacket because the temperature is on the chilly side and maybe bring a spacesuit for outside too just to be on the safe side, the atmosphere may be a little....chokey.  

Colonists await your arrival in the delightful town of Hadley's Hope, well we hope they do, quite frankly we haven't heard from them for a while.....maybe we should check up on them, the last time we spoke to them they talked about finding these giant eggs. 

Look at the size of that egg, imagine the bird that laid this!

There must be some big ass birds to be discovered there!

Hadley's Hope must also be quite the culinary colony as it was described as a "Shake and Bake" colony.  Remember those eggs too, omelette's for breakfast surely!!

The whole moon is slowly being terraformed, this will bring lots of tourists in the future so why not be the first to visit, I know you are dying to go!

I know you are screaming with excitement at the possibility of visiting here, scream loudly because you know in space nobody can hear you scream.

So don't delay, email Galactic Travel note of your interest now to book you seat on the next flight out and find out how much the deposit is to

Galactic Travel are not responsible in any way for bad experiences whilst on LV-426 such as loss of limbs or life or the impregnation of your body to due xenomorphic life forms.  

Galactic Travel would also like to make it known that a space craft able to travel this distance hasn't actually be invented yet (that we know of, nudge nudge wink wink NASA/Space X) and may possibly never been invented.  

Galactic Travel would also like to make it know that deposits are non-refundable.


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  1. Ha ha a warm welcome. Maybe too warm lol. This is a great idea, love the Galactic travel idea.

    Love Aliens BTW. "Why don't you put her in charge" lol.

    1. I love Aliens too, I mean other films like that scare me to death but this was the best!

  2. I love this idea, this is such a great post! I'd probably do ok on LV-426 considering that I prefer chilly weather, but the whole no-atmosphere thing would definitely put me off, haha.

  3. Haha, I love this! :) Not sure I've ever been anywhere with a 'chokey' atmosphere before...

  4. Hahahaha this was a great post. And then you put Aliens movie poster at the end. I am sure nobody will apply :D

  5. Lol this is such a creative post. I love it!


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