TV REVIEW - The Grand Tour Episode One

So last night I was poised in front of the TV with The Grand Tour ready to go.  Would it be as good as Top Gear, would my three favourite idiots motoring journalists still be as politically incorrect and funny as they had always been?  

Oh. My. Goodness. Yes!

From the intro which went from drab and grey London following poor Jeremy as he handed his badge back to the BBC to the moment I had goosebumps when he was driving along the road by himself and then James and Richard appeared, it was epic and I knew they were back and they were going to give us a good show.

Its on for 12 weeks and they are going global, they are taking their massive tent on a tour of the world and this week they are in America which of course leads to a lot of banter about the "incorrect" terms Americans use to describe bits of cars.

Of course there are cars, a trio of ridiculous super cars, a Maclaren, a Porsche and a Ferrari, these are put through drag races and all manner of things.  They also shows their new track the Ebola-dome (named because of its resemblance to the virus) and "kill" off several celebrities including our British maths darling Carol Vorderman.

At just over an hour, it was a fab watch, ridiculous, funny, full of banter and petrolhead craziness.  I can imagine Amazon are rubbing their hands with glee as their investment will be paying off in spades just now and quite right, they should be very smug.

As for the BBC they really f***ked up, yes Clarkson can be an arrogant tosspot but Top Gear was huge and I didn't really appreciate how loved the guys are worldwide.  New Top Gear was quite frankly meh, the only good thing about it was Matt le Blanc.

So would I recommend watching The Grand Tour, hell yes I would and I'm hoping they'll take their tent to a field near me soon!


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