REVIEW - Serenity: Those Left Behind by Whedon, Matthews and Conrad

Title: Serenity - Those Left Behind

Author: Whedon, Matthews and Conrad

Publisher: Dark Horse

Release Date: 24th January 2006

Source: Own Copy

Here's how it is -- in a universe filled with hearts and minds as cold and dark as the reaches of space, one small Firefly-class starship named Serenity takes its ragtag crew of mercenaries, outlaws, and fugitives in search of a job, any job, that'll earn them enough cash to afford that most elusive commodity -- peace.

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, unveils a previously unknown chapter in the lives of his favorite band of space brigands in the prequel to the Serenity feature film -- the blockbuster followup to Whedon's cult-hit TV show Firefly.
I love Firefly, ever since I watched the series all those years ago I was hooked and of course like all tv shows I love it got cancelled.  It wasn't all bad we got a movie out of the ashes and also this Dark Horse comic series.

First of all this looks great, all the characters are depicted spot on from Mal's handsome roguishness to Jayne's sheer over the top macho antics.  They are very definitely the characters we know and love.

The story which I won't go into too much involves the usual dodgy jobs they take on to make it from day to another.  It has some other regular well known characters appearing such as Badger and the Blue Glove guys who are still after River and Simon.

Now I was expecting this to be really good but it was really short for a graphic novel and the story seemed to end abruptly for me, I know there is more volumes after this one but I think there was scope to put more of a story in to this.

I'll still move on to the next volume as despite my disappointment I still need a fix of Firefly.

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  1. I've heard so many great things about Firefly but have never seen it...and partly because I know that it got cancelled so the story is just left hanging! Interesting to see that the creator has made a sort of prequel in the form of comics. Who knows, maybe Netflix will pick up the rights!

    1. That would b amazing if Netflix got it! It is well worth a watch!


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