Music videos these days are basically three minute movies set to awesome and not so awesome tunes.

This top five is all about music videos set in space, these are my favourites......please do not judge me!!!😏

Okay so this video is amazing plus the Smashing Pumpkins music is so haunting.  Its retro, beautiful looking and sounds gorgeous.

Daft Punk themselves look they are from outer space, this video and its sister one from Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger are fantastic pieces of electro poppy dancey music set in outer space with groovy aliens and bad looking space dudes.  Epic.

I love the Beastie Boys well apart from their whole nicking VW badges from the front of the assorted Volkswagens phase.  They have some amazing videos such as Sabotage, Triple Trouble and of course this one for Intergalactic.  Cheesey as anything and set in what looks like Tokyo, it is a bonkers video with a solid tune!

I'm still not entirely sure what a scrub is, but this bit of late nineties nostalgia is a cracking pop tune with a shiny space video with some what the hell outfits!

Okay I can here you judging me but its Britney at the height of her career on Mars, its cheesey, its catchy and I bet it took a lot of talc to get her in to that shiny red number.

Notable mentions also go to Queen's Radio Ga Ga and The Darkness with I believe in a thing called love!

What is your favourite sci-fi music video?

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  1. Judging !!! Ha ha just kidding. The Daft Punk one is awesome and Beatie Boys lol.

    My favorite? Wow that's tough. I'll go with these off the top of my head. :)

    The Flaming Lips

    And gotta have this

  2. Haha! That's good how you included Britney! :D


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