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Title: Brake Failure

Author: Alison Brodie

Publisher: Clipboard Press

Release Date: 9th January 2017

Source: ARC
Brake Failure is a contemporary romance with humour, suspense and a kick-ass heroine. The story is set in one of the most fascinating periods of America's history: the months leading up to Y2K "melt-down."

"Is it too late to tell him you love him when you're looking down the barrel of his gun?"

Ruby Mortimer-Smyth is an English debutante, destined for Ladies Day at Ascot and taking tea at The Savoy. She knows the etiquette for every occasion and her souffl├ęs NEVER collapse. 

She is in control of her life, tightly in control. Until fate dumps her down in … Kansas. 

Ruby believes that life is like a car; common-sense keeps it on the road, passion sends it into a ditch. What she doesn't know is, she's on a collision course with Sheriff Hank Gephart. 

Sheriff Hank Gephart can judge a person. Miss Mortimer-Smyth might act like the Duchess of England but just under the surface there's something bubbling, ready to explode. She's reckless, and she's heading for brake failure. And he's not thinking about her car.

With the Millennium approaching, Ruby gets caught up in the Y2K hysteria. She joins a group of Survivalists, who give her a gun and advise her to stockpile basic essentials, such as gasoline and water-purifying tablets. So she bulk-buys Perrier, Gentleman's Relish and macaroons. 

Ruby, far from home, is making Unsuitable Friends and "finding herself" for the first time. She falls in with a gang of Hells Angels and falls foul of the law. At every turn, she comes up hard against Sheriff Hank Gephart, whose blue eyes seem to look deep into her soul. She desperately wants him but knows she can never have him.

She's angry at the emotions he arouses in her. Pushed to her limit, she bursts from her emotional straightjacket.

As the clock strikes midnight of the new Millennium, she's on a freight train with three million dollars, a bottle of Wild Turkey and a smoking gun.

What happened to Miss Prim-and-Proper? And why did she shoot Mr Right?

Note: Alison Brodie wrote this story from first-hand experience. She lived in Kansas during this time and was stunned by the hysteria, unnerved that the US government was spending $150 billion preparing for Armageddon. As Lionel Shriver says in her novel, We Have To Talk About Kevin: “1999, a year widely mooted beforehand as the end of the world.”

 A great fun read, Brake Failure is a flashback to the final year of the nineties and this craziness that came before Y2K.  Told in a back to front way, this is a crazy drive from start to finish.

We meet Ruby, who is, well she has had a privileged upbringing, a wonderful sense of entitlement and basically seems hellbent on getting one over on her step-sister.  To her the ultimate goal is Paris and her husband who she seems to use for her own personal gain rather than love is going to be her ticket to the City of Love.

Except that is not going to happen as he has to go Kansas first, oh and did I mention that it was 1999.

America comes as a total culture shock to Ruby, she is a fish out of water and a hypochondriac to boot, she should make friends easily in her small town!!

Friendship is not something Ruby has in mind when she keeps encountering the local Sheriff Hank Gephart who is igniting something in Ruby that her husband isn't sparking, not only is the local Sheriff giving Ruby major feels, her husbands boss is also set fire to her emotions, for the first time in her life she decides she is going to do what the hell she likes.

There may be consequences, they may not be good.

I'll not spoil the rest for you but this is a rollicking good read, well written and humourous with a lead character who can fearless and majorly annoying at the same time but you can't help forgive her.

Thanks to Neverland Blog Tours for providing me with a copy.

Alison Brodie is a Scot, with French Huguenot ancesto
rs on her mother’s side. Alison was a photographic model for a wide range of products, such as Ducati motorbikes and 7Up. She was also the vampire in the Schweppes commercial.

A disastrous modelling assignment in the Scottish Highlands gave Alison an idea for her first romance novel, Face to Face. It was taken up by Dinah Wiener, the first agent Alison sent it to. Three weeks later, Alison signed a two-book deal with Hodder & Stoughton. Subsequently, Face to Face was published in English, German and Dutch. “Vain, but wildly funny leading lady.” -Scottish Daily Mail. It was also chosen as Good Housekeeping’s “Pick of the Paperbacks.”

Unfortunately, Alison then suffered from Second-Book Syndrome. The publisher’s deadline loomed but Alison couldn’t think of a story! She found the whole experience a nightmare; and this is why she cautions first-time authors not to sign a multi-book deal unless they are prepared!
Alison lived in Kansas for two years. She loved the people, their friendliness, the history and the BBQs! Now, she lives in Biarritz, France with her rescue mutt, Bayley.

Alison’s previous release, THE DOUBLE, was published to rave reviews:

“Proof of her genius in writing fiction…Excellent.” –San Francisco Book Review.

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