MOVIE REVIEW - The Girl With All The Gifts

So I hope you have read the book that this film is based on, the reason being is one - it is an excellent read and you can read my review here of the book and reason two I am not going to go over the plot in great detail in this review, I'm assuming you know, you know!!

So I never got to see this at my local cinema as they never had it on so I had to wait on the Blu Ray to come out, I'd heard good things about it in the press and of course I loved the MR Carey book that this is based on, I had high expectations for this film.

It holds a 15 certificate here in the UK so I was expecting a mild amount of horror, maybe not on a par with "that" episode of the Walking Dead but my god this film could be brutal.

Set in a world where hungries roam and the few humans left try to stay alive (not always successfully) there is a small military base where soldiers stand guard over a group of what you first assume are innocent kids, innocent kids that are locked in cells and when they are allowed out strapped in to wheel chairs and restrained heavily.  

You soon find out that these innocent looking kids are bloodthirsty behind their childlike exteriors but they are still kids.  The story revolves around one of the kids, a girl called Melanie, exceptionally smart and if it wasn't for the need for flesh, a truly lovely little girl, she loves to learn and she also loves her teacher Miss Justineau (played by Gemma Arterton who looks great sans makeup).

She is the one grown up in Melanie's life who isn't shouting at her, Sgt Parks (Paddy Considine) or trying to dissect her, Dr Caldwell (Glenn Close) and when the base is breached by the hungries Melanie makes sure that her beloved teacher remains alive.

They manage to escape just, along with Parks, Caldwell and a couple of squaddies in an armoured car, their aim to make it to the Beacon Base, a journey that will take the in to London and the horrors that lurk there.

I'm glad this film was British made, now I mean that as no disrespect American chums but the film is dark and gritty, it looks like the end of the world as it should.  I think the American version would maybe be a bit glossier with possibly more blood, gore and make up on Gemma Arterton.  

Yes this film is brutal in bits, it has been compared to another favourite film of mine 28 Days Later, but it is also full of great suspense and lots of moments where you scream at the screen as the characters split up in the dark or as they try to walk quietly through streets filled with hungries that are zoned out, waiting for flesh.

The star of this film has to be the girl who plays Melanie, Sennia Nanua, she is excellent, she is both scary and sweet at the same time, a brilliant young actor who was the perfect choice for Melanie.

Also Glenn Close was perfect as the emotionally switched off Caldwell, near chilling in fact.

If you enjoyed the book, you'll love this, if you like to be scared, you'll love this.  

An excellent film.

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  1. I was worried about casting for the film but Glenn Close is a great actress so I can't wait to see this! I really enjoyed the book and will watch this as soon as possible!

  2. I read the book and really enjoyed it. I got halfway through the movie but haven't finished yet. It was really identical to the book and I admit, I think I got a bit bored because I already knew what was going to happen. I do like the girl they chose for Melanie. She's is excellent!
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
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  3. At first I thought this was a book review, so I was so confused as to why it would have an age 15 certificate to it. But then I realised it was a MOVIE. The movie for this book came out surprisingly quickly! I feel like the book released recently D: I am so glad you liked it so much though ^.^

  4. I got the ebook on sale a couple of months ago, but I still haven't read it. Looks like I will have to move it up on my tbr. Thanks for sharing your review. :)


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