If I Could.......Make my own Loot Crate!!

So unless you have been living under a rock you will be well aware of the fact that you can get a monthly subscription box for pretty much anything these days ranging from beauty products to pet food.  But did you know there is an awesome one for us geeks and gamers??

Loot Crate is that box! You can spend as little or a much as you like and each month you'll get an awesome box full of goodies! You can expect goodies such as Funko Pops, pins, clothing and other cool things.  

Each box has a theme with past ones including loot from Harry Potter, Aliens, Terminator, Marvel and Star Trek to name a few!  

Here is a little video that shows you how it works!

So, the guys at Loot Crate asked me to use my vivid vast imagination to come up with my dream crate and get this I can put anything in it!! 

You can get in on the act too, create your own Loot Crate and share across the blogosphere!  

The only limit is your imagination!!

So what did I come up with?  

My head was bursting with things I could do, what theme was best to incorporate all the things I want to stick in my crate!?

Well my theme is......

From rainbow unicorns, doughnuts with big smiles to ladies with lilac hair and marshmallows earrings, Kawaii is adorable, cutesy and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  

My Loot Crate is gonna be jam packed of adorable goodies.

Starting with something to kick back and relax on whilst I enjoy my crate, a giant Totoro to get comfy on!

To fully immerse myself within my Kawaii theme I'm gonna need some cute bits and bobs such as t-shirts in bright pinks with smiling food, more fluffy Tororo cushions (you can never have too many Totoro's), cute flashy trainers and some cool Japanese snacks.
I Love Kawaii
Click on the pic and it will take you to Polyvore!

As for the rest of my crate (I'm beginning to wonder if I could physically lift my imaginary crate), well first of all my crate is going to need some air holes drilled in to it as something living and breathing is going in to it.

Something, furry, adorable and totally kawaii.


Who would not want a big box full of cute things along with a fuzzy wuzzy kitty cat? (Obvs I don't condone putting real cats in crates!!)  Pusheen is all I want in a cat, totally Kawaii cute, smart, likes ice cream and dressing up and occasionally turns in to a rainbow unicorn.  

So is my crate a possibility, well in my head it totally is!  To be serious for a minute,  the world is a dark place at times so I think a bright dose of colourful cuteness will do is the world of good!

I'd love to hear ( and so would the good peeps at Loot Crate) what you would put in your crate!  

Feel free to create your own post and share with +Loot Crate and get this, there is a chance that the best crate design could be made in to an actual box!!

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  1. This is such a cool thing. I have no idea what I would put in my crate but I'll think of something... :)

  2. I would love to get something like this especially Harry Potter but it's way outside my budget just like the book crates sadly!

  3. That would be fun! I do love lootcrate. I ordered it for my daughter for xmas 2015 and she always gives me something from the box. She keeps the boxes too for some strange reason. I hope your idea gets picked, that would be fun!

    1. I'm the same with Birchbox, I keep the boxes as they are so pretty!

  4. Your box sounds like it would be full of fun and cute stuff. And that Totoro cushion looks so cute and comfy!

  5. All the smiling food is making me hungry :-P This would definitely make for a super *cute* box! I have no idea what I would do if I made my own...

    1. I love the smiley food, always make me feel happy (and hungry too!)!


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