REVIEW - Lost on Mars by Paul Magrs

Title: Lost on Mars

Author: Paul Magrs

Publisher: Firefly Press

Release Date: 14th May 2015

Source: Own Copy
With the scale and scope of the great science fiction epics, Lost on Mars tells the story of Lora and her family, settlers on the red planet struggling to survive in incredible circumstances. 

The family clings to life on a smallholding, surviving storms and sinister rumours of people disappearing – until one night Lora sees the Dancers. 

When her father and grandmother disappear, Lora and her family are driven out to seek a new life across the plains. But none of them are ready for what they find – the beautiful, dangerous City Inside.
Mars seems to be everywhere at the minute, with the prospect of exploration in our near distant future it is easy to imagine how life on the red planet will be.

Lost on Mars follows Lora and her family, Mars has been settled for several generations now and Lora's family live out on the Martian plains in a small holding living a simple life.  They are pioneers but with the pioneer life comes danger.

Three generations of Lora's family live day to day dealing with what Mars throws at them which includes crazy storms but things take a bad turn when people in their area start disappearing, vanishing without a trace.  

Rumours race round about the cause of the disappearances and the whispers say they are not alone on Mars, this is confirmed late one night when Lora sees in the street dancing creatures looking through windows and doors, looking for people.  

Mars still has its original inhabitants and quite frankly the description of them scared me a little. Now this book is probably aimed at teens but the description of them creeping about houses and the "hehehehehe" noise they made, well it made my skin creep and crawl!

Anyway with the prospect of everyone being taken by the Martians, Lora and her family leave their town to seek a new life.  The journey is by far safe and remains of other settlements show what is to become of their town.

Now I am not going to give too much away now but people are lost along the way and the Martians definitely don't go away but there could be hope for them in the City Inside, will they make it there?

This is a good read but I did feel it was split in two with the first half of the book being a little different from the second half, sorry vague don't want to spoil.  This is the first book in the series and it was certainly good enough to warrant finding out what happens in the second book.

Great for fans of Mars and Sci-fi, imagine Little House on the Prairie crossed with The Martian and Lost in Space!

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  1. This one's different! Dancing people on Mars looking in windows- that sounds freaky! And Little House crossed with The Martian-hmm. As long as there's no Nellie lol. Seriously though this does sound interesting.

  2. This sounds creepy! I would be creeped out by the Martians dancing around and looking in windows too. It sounds really interesting, though. Great review!

  3. Ahhh! I think that would creep me out, too. lol Sounds like a fun read, though :)


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