My 3rd Blogging Anniversary

So this time about three years ago I decided to start a food blog, you see several months beforehand I had discovered Pinterest and quickly become obsessed with all the pretty pins especially those food ones.  

I started reading the blogs that were attached to the pins and discovered some fantastic sites, at the time I had just been made redundant, job hunting was going badly so I found myself with a lot of time on my hands.  

Maybe I could blog too! 

I could become a food blogger because how difficult really is it to take a nice picture of a cupcake or a tasty pie.

Holy crap it is hard to take a decent picture, I quickly decided that I was out of my mind if I could be the next Pioneer Woman so decided that the one thing I did know inside and out was books, I like them, I read them, I own them, a lot of them.  Maybe I could talk about them,

So I did.

My first review was Article 5 by Kristen Simmons and as I type this I revisited it for the first time in three years and to me it looks awful but hey it got 44 views! I was happy!

I didn't understand anything about commenting on other blogs, sharing stuff on social media, I really just learnt as I went along, I'm still learning now, blogging is like learning another language.

To begin with I loved blogging, even if nobody was reading it felt good to sit down a just blah out my thoughts, gradually I gained the courage to start popping by other blogs and people started commenting on mine, I felt part of a community.

However a job came my way and my kids got older and my blog started to feel more like a chore than I joy.  Books that I had looked forward to reading I was dreading, I was tired and reading was far down my list never mind blogging.  However I prevailed and managed to muddle through.

Anyway that last bit sounded gloomy. so I will say this blogging is hard and I have huge respect for all bloggers that consistently manage to get post after post out but I really can't compare myself to them, blogging has taught me that we are all different aren't we? It is easy to compare yourself to other bloggers, but don't that is the worst thing you can do, be yourself and be original.

So to save myself from blogging burnout I am embracing scheduling, it will kill me but hell I am an adult I can plan.  It seems to be the way forward and it will help a lot, heck I could be a smart arse and do my 4th anniversary post after this one!

I have also embraced a couple of wonderful sites that are proving great for graphics which I will talk about in posts to come but they have made life easier and prettier looking.

So happy anniversary to this random redhead and if you are thinking of giving up your blog, I'd advise take a break, take a long hard look and take a chance.

Thank you all for supporting me!!

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  1. So true... be yourself and be original! Congrats on your 3rd!! Here's to many more...

  2. Happy blog anniversary! And lol, yeah, it's so much harder taking good photos of anything than it seems like it would be. But you got 44 views on your first review?! I'm pretty sure I got like one, and it was the author lol. It's definitely been a learn-as-I-go type of thing for me too!

  3. If I could find time to get posts done in advance it would certainly help! But some days the shopping or cooking or whatever takes longer so I'm barely able to deal with comments, emails and bloglovin posts and I'm behind again! I don't know how those with full time jobs fit everything in I swear I don't! I blog for fun and to pass the time. I like hearing from regular followers & visiting them, getting involved in discussion posts and sharing reviews. I don't get bothered much about what other bloggers do compared to me, I don't get hung up on blog stats and number of followers and I don't aspire to be a big blog with thousands of followers. That helps me keep it fun. My one aim is to find more horror/UF fans out there to talk zombies and werewolves and stuff with but most blogs I see are all YA, romance or contemporary these days! More followers with similar book tastes would be nice but I'm not stressing about it!

    Happy blogiversary!

    1. Thanks Chuckles, it really is all about time and just being yourself! There needs to be more zombie lovers out there!!

  4. Congratulations! Last month was my three year, too! So much of blogging depends on what is going on IRL, so I feel your anguish. I have only been managing to squidge out a couple of blog posts a week for the last month. You are right about the scheduling. I just wish I were better at it! Ha ha! Here's to another blogging year for both of us. Cheers!

    1. I'm trying to be better at scheduling, just managing a couple of days ahead at the minute but will get there! Thanks Linda!


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