I've been watching #3 - Detroiters

Recently lander on Comedy Central UK is Detroiters and it is very good indeed...

It follows the lives of Sam and Tim, two guys who have an advertising company, are best friends and literally live next door to one another.

It is ridiculous fun as they are slightly inept but always seem to manage to get their adverts made at the end of the day, their adverts are always faintly ridiculous but my favourite has to be the advert Sam makes for himself when he accidentally becomes a male prostitute.  Now I would have put a link to that clip but putting the words male, prostitute and advert in to the internet might bring up a shedload of quite inappropriate stuff.

Anyway here are some clips for you, its funny, its sweet and Lorne Michaels from SNL is a producer so it is definitely worth a look doncha think?

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