PODCASTASTIC #4 - What Say You?

The day that I walked in to Night Vale was the day I fell in love with podcasts.  

My phone how ever got pissed off quickly as it liked Angry Birds and I'd went and put it in the great recycle bin in the cloud to make way for episodes of quirky shows that me, the owner of said phone likes!

Anyway this week I've been listening to......

I like to think I am a reasonably cool mum so I thought nothing of letting my 8 and 10 year old daughters watch Impractical Jokers, I mean it's shown on freaking Comedy Central for goodness sake and they don't show anything that my beloved offspring would be traumatised by.......

Ok fine, I'm maybe a tad lax with the parental controls but for me IJ was fine and like Peppa Pig before it I found myself watching it with the kids but now the kids have moved on to Hawaii 5-0, Bob's Burgers and Friends but me I still love IJ.

I was made up to discover that two of the jokers have a podcast - What Say You - Brian 'Q' Quinn (aka cats and hats man) and Sal Vulcano (sassy cat hater dude) basically talk shit about anything and everything and this week I've been enjoying their Fast and Furious episode.

Like my main podcast love The Complete Guide to Everything, this is just two best pals talking, having a laugh and swearing a bit more than what we hear on IJ.  Sal and Q bounce brilliantly off one another whether they are talking about diamonds, Sarah Jessica Parker or women with quite frankly amazingly placed tattoos.  

Like most podcasts I come across I love to binge on them and What Say You has 70 odd episodes sitting on iTunes for your listening pleasure.  There has not been a new podcast since the back end of last year but these are two busy dudes, as well as tormenting their best pals Joe and Murr on IJ,  Q has the Tell Em Steve-Dave podcast which has fanatical listeners from what I've read about on the crazy world that is Reddit and Sal is on the stand up comedy circuit working his way round the States.  

So anyway check this out, it's funny and like hanging out with pals on the couch just kicking back talking bollocks.

Check out their episodes here at http://www.whatsayyoupodcast.com/

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  1. This sounds funny. I found that podcasts that are a serial like Nightvale don't fit into my schedule very well, but ones that can be listened to here and there are better suited to my listening habits. :)

    1. I'm on hiatus from Night Vale but this one and my top fave The Complete Guide to Everything you can dip in and out!


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