REVIEW - Ararat by Christopher Golden

Title: Ararat

Author: Christopher Golden

Publisher: Headline

Release Date: 18th April 2017

Source: NetGalley
In Ararat, by New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden, an ancient evil inhabits a cave on the snow-capped, dormant volcano, in the most Eastern reaches of Turkey, that is Mount Ararat. Golden's writing is 'the real deal' (Stephen King) and Ararat will thrill and fascinate in equal measure.

Meryam and Adam take risks for a living. But neither is prepared for what lies in the legendary heights of Mount Ararat, Turkey.

First to reach a massive cave revealed by an avalanche, they discover the hole in the mountain's heart is really an ancient ship, buried in time. A relic that some fervently believe is Noah's Ark.

Deep in its recesses stands a coffin inscribed with mysterious symbols that no one in their team of scholars, archaeologists and filmmakers can identify. Inside is a twisted, horned cadaver. Outside a storm threatens to break.

As terror begins to infiltrate their every thought, is it the raging blizzard that chases them down the mountain - or something far worse?

I never learn, I love a scary book but I always stupidly read them on my Kindle with the light off, this book reminded me that that is really a stupid idea.

This is a genuinely scary read but it doesn't start like that, the start of the book we are introduced to Mount Ararat and the hellish conditions that surround it which sets the scene nicely then we meet the two main characters, Meryam and Adam, a couple that live for excitement and document it for all to see.  I'll be honest I didn't warm to them straight away but with whats coming in the book its best not to get too attached to any character.

Anyway the premise of the book is that an avalanche on the mountain has uncovered a massive cave and deep inside the cave is a legendary artefact, a ship, the ship - The Ark.  Meryam and Adam with their considerable mountaineering experience along with a team of scientists, religious scholars and local guides make their way to the cave to see what lies in wait within.

Now you really have to picture the scene here, high up a mountain that is truly inhospitable, covered in snow and ice.  A cave, dark and foreboding with a sense of menace and claustrophobia.  In that cave a group of people of different races and religions and of course opinions are working on what could be the most important find in the history of mankind.  

What they discover could mark the end of mankind.

Human remains are uncovered but in the depths of the vessel they find a coffin, a coffin that has been encased and covered with strange symbols.  Of course these people are there to investigate and a spooky looking coffin isn't going to stop them but what they uncover sends horror through their camp.  A deformed body with horns like a demon.

The story from this point on uses the wonderful setting of an incoming storm, the prospect of no easy escape and the strange disappearances and actions of members of the group to take the reader of a horror filled blood soaked ride.  

I wasn't sure when I started reading this book exactly how it was going to go but by the time I finished it I loved it.  It scared me to death and the creeping horror that lurks throughout was so well done.  The cast of characters and their interaction is also done well,  I can imagine this book as a TV series rather than a film, I like the idea of it being drawn out, scaring the watcher each episode.  The ending was not what I expected and has a great twist.

This is a superb read but read it with the lights on.

Thanks to Headline for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. This sounds brilliant! Books tend to not scare me anymore, but this one sounds like it might be able creep me out a bit. Thanks for sharing your review. :)

  2. Dude you read this one too? I've been seeing reviews pop up for this bad boy, and it looks good. Snowbound plus terror= win lol. Sounds awesome and scary as all get out. :)

  3. I got the book as a rare ARC back in February and I enjoyed it. A bit slower than my usual reads but the menace and tension kept me going. Loved when it really went mad at the end!

  4. It sounds wild! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)


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