REVIEW - Harmony Black by Craig Schaefer

Title: Harmony Black

Author: Craig Schaefer

Publisher: 47 North

Release Date: 1st February 2016

Source: Own Copy
Harmony Black is much more than your average FBI special agent. In addition to being a practicing witch, she’s also an operative for Vigilant Lock, an off-the-books program created to battle occult threats—by any means necessary. Despite her dedication to fighting the monsters threatening society, Harmony has become deeply conflicted about her job. Her last investigation resulted in a pile of dead bodies, and she suspects the wrong people are being punished for it.

While on a much-needed vacation, Harmony gets pulled back into action. This time, though, she’s gone from solo work to being part of a team. Their target: the Bogeyman, a vicious and elusive figure…and the creature that destroyed Harmony’s childhood.

Surrounded by quirky, fascinating characters as dedicated to one another as they are to their new partner, Harmony must learn to trust her team—and a new romantic interest—on a dangerous and deadly mission that conjures up memories she’d much rather forget.

FBI special agent Harmony Black finds herself joining a covert special off the books program Vigilant Lock, their job?  To eradicate those monsters that insist on rearing their ugly supernatural heads where they shouldn't.

What's Harmony bringing to the team, she's a witch!

Following her (dead) body heavy last job she finds herself enrolled within the Vigilant Lock team, a team that have already been together for a while making her a rank outsider with something to prove. They are sent to investigate the disappearance of young children taken from their beds, the culprit - The Bogeyman, the location - Harmony's home town, a town that is filled with her haunting memories of seeing her sister taken away many years before.

Can Harmony and her team track down the monster that is terrorising her town?

As with all good stories there is a bit more to it than just hunting down the Bogeyman, it is a great paced crime novel with a X Files load of supernatural detail and suspense, creepy demons and suspicious people.

It is the start of a series of which I am already reading the second book, I'd recommend it for everyone who likes their crime novels with a heavy hint of the supernatural.

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  1. Huh, I've never read a book with the bogeyman as the antagonist! This sounds kinda fun though, and sometimes witches make for great characters!

    1. Neither had I but I'm definitely making sure my wardrobe/closet doors are shut!


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