REVIEW - Roofworld By Christopher Fowler

Title: Roofworld

Author: Christopher Fowler

Publisher: Random House

Release Date: 12th May 2016

Source: NetGalley
You won't see them unless you know where to look...

High above London's teeming streets exists a timeless universe with laws and codes known only to itself. Suspended in the skies by a complex system of cables and wires, two rival factions prepare to do battle for control of their world and the eventual manipulation of the city below...

Welcome to Roofworld.

Rose, a beautiful, feisty, amateur photographer - and Robert, a shy but cynical scriptwriter, witness a rooftop kidnapping by chance. And then they hear of strange rooftop murders that are being discovered almost daily - and they want to know more. But in their clumsy efforts to understand, they become caught up in an intense power struggle between honest seekers of another life and the consummate evil of a power-mad leader in control of society's hopeless. Together, Rose and Robert become inextricably caught up in a violent war among a nearly invisible people who could easily control the future of the world . . .

Once again London is the star of a Christopher Fowler novel, you've got to hand it to him, every book I have read by him makes me yearn to visit the big smoke.

Roofworld is no exception, it takes you high above the double deckers and black cabs to the roofs of London town, for a long time a society has existed on top of the London skyline, a society with strict rules and codes, a society that has strung cables from building to building to cross the metropolis without setting foot on the ground, a society that has blood on its hands.

Our main protaganists are Rose and Robert, like chalk and cheese, where Rose is feisty, Robert is shy, they are brought together after Robert's work sends him to find an author whose book is earmarked to become made in a film, he is on the hunt for the author to get her to sign the rights to it.  

Only problem is she's dead.

Robert and Rose meet at the authors flat, where it is revealed the author has a daughter who whereabouts are unknown and if they find her then they can get the rights to her mothers book, together they find themselves on a crazy journey which takes them up in to the secret society that hides high above the streets.

Up high they find a society that is a war with itself and bodies are dropping from the sky leaving a bloody trail for the Met to figure out.

I love Christopher Fowler's Bryant and May series and this is the first book outwith that world of his that I've read and I really enjoyed it.  As I said to begin with London is the star of this book, with the characters coming a close second.  Murder, mystery, secret society, its the perfect combination.

The one thing this book reminded me to do is to look up occasionally.....

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  1. What a cool idea. Never heard of this but love the sound of it, pretty unique premise!

  2. Wow ! I would look up more too now. What an interesting plot for a book. Great review!


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