REVIEW - Saga Volume Three by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Title: Saga Volume 3

Author: Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: 19th March 2014

Source: Own Copy
The Eisner, Harvey, and Hugo Award-winning phenomenon continues, as new parents Marko and Alana travel to an alien world to visit their hero, while the family's pursuers finally close in on their targets.

The problem I have with book series is you have that series, you know the one that has the amazing first book.  The kind of book that when you finish it you go right back to page one and start again because it is that good.  Then it is followed by the second book, it features the same characters but it just doesn't hit the mark, its good but not epic and after one read it goes on the shelf.  Book 3 comes along, you buy it and after a dozen pages you give up (or in the case of series which I shan't name I never even read).

My point that I am eventually getting to is even though this is the review for volume 3 of Image Comics brilliant Saga series, I read volume 7 a few weeks back and consistently this series is totally floating my boat.

Volume 3 sees Marko and Alana still on the run in their giant tree shaped space ship with their baby Hazel, Marko's mum and their ghostly babysitter Izabel, they are headed for the planet on which lives the writer of the book that changed Alana's life.  Hot on their tales is man mountain The Will with Marko's ex Gwendolyn and ex slave girl Sophie plus how can I forget the awesome feline that is Lying Cat.  As well as that motley crew we have the walking tv that is Prince Robot IV who is quite frankly a maniac.

The story I still find wonderfully engaging and it still looks gorgeous, I mean I'm a happily married woman but Marko and Alana are beautiful, they are just amazing to look at and the detail on each page is perfect.  

It can be brutal, it can be touching, it can be sexy or full of sex, it is the perfect series.

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  1. Still haven't read it. Will I ever? Starting to wonder... maybe it's all the hype? But I'm reading Runaways now by the same guy so maybe i'll get to this next.

    1. Is there hype? It does deserve it, consistently great read.

  2. I've read Volume 5, so I'm two behind! I love it though.


  3. I'm actually having the opposite problem. Normally I tend to get more into series as they go on, but I was disappointed in Vol.s 6 and 7. But I still agree that the artwork is consistently gorgeous, and the characters are great, I just feel like their development has stalled a bit lately.

    1. I just pre-ordered volume 8, I don't know I'm enjoying it still but I think I am hypnotised by the artwork!


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