REVIEW - Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips

Title: Fierce Kingdom

Author: Gin Phillips

Publisher: Transworld

Release Date: 15th June 2017

Source: Advance Copy
Lincoln is a good boy. At the age of four, he is curious, clever and well behaved. He does as his mum says and knows what the rules are.

'The rules are different today. The rules are that we hide and do not let the man with the gun find us.'

When an ordinary day at the zoo turns into a nightmare, Joan finds herself trapped with her beloved son. She must summon all her strength, find unexpected courage and protect Lincoln at all costs – even if it means crossing the line between right and wrong; between humanity and animal instinct.

It's a line none of us would ever normally dream of crossing.

But sometimes the rules are different.

As a mother this book gave me chills, serious chills.  It is every parents worst nightmare, that one where you face a life or death situation and you have to keep your child safe.

Joan is at the zoo with her son Lincoln, just enjoying the last remaining hours of their day playing together and having fun.  Till she hears gun shots.

Making her way towards the exit of the zoo with her young son in tow she discovers a scene of carnage and no way out, all she can do is hide and hide is what she and Lincoln do.

Joan is horrified to discover everything in the zoo is being hunted, from the defenceless animals to the humans who were peacefully going about their day.  A group of boys are going around shooting everything and Joan doesn't want to get in their sights, can keep her son safe till the cavalry arrive?

This was a good fast read, the one that you have to finish once you start.  It gets your heart pumping as you follow Joan in to hiding, as they discover others hiding and of course the difficulty as a parent to make your young child stay quiet, to make them understand that one noise could be deadly.

Definitely one to put on your summer reads list.

Thanks to Transworld for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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