The day that I walked in to Night Vale was the day I fell in love with podcasts.  

My phone how ever got pissed off quickly as it liked Angry Birds and I'd went and put it in the great recycle bin in the cloud to make way for episodes of quirky shows that me, the owner of said phone likes!

Anyway this week I've been listening to......

I actually only started listening to this on Friday, like yesterday and I have fallen in love with very quickly!  

I found King Falls AM when I was perusing the Podcast app on my phone and its description of......

"A lonely little mountain town's late night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants"

Well, that had me intrigued and each podcast was only about 15 minutes long, a nice easy listen so I could afford to try it.  I'm about twenty episodes in now and its brilliant.

I was worried it would be like Night Vale (which I also love) but it is very different the only thing they have in common really is the radio setting and I suppose odd goings on but apart from that the two hosts Sammy and Ben are brilliant to listen to, they are funny, inquisitive and quite often a little freaked out.,  you could really be listening to late night radio jocks!!

Sammy is the outsider having moved to the town where Ben is a local yokel and the banter between them as Ben explains to Sammy the weird shit that goes down is great.

Their listeners are just crazy too, they include crazy old men, a dog breeder, the local bigwig (who may or may not be a vampire), a local cop and the local mayor, for an early morning show they have a varied listener base!

The story does move from episode to episode and you do realise quite quickly that this town is bonkers, I love it!

Have a listen and check them out at http://www.kingfallsam.com/

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