REVIEW - Running Like A Girl by Alexandra Heminsley

Title: Running Like a Girl

Author: Alexandra Heminsley

Publisher: Random House

Release Date: 16th January 2014 

Source: Own Copy

Alexandra Heminsley had high hopes: the arse of an athlete, the waist of a supermodel, the speed of a gazelle. Defeated by gyms and bored of yoga, she decided to run.

Her first attempt did not end well.

Six years later, she has run five marathons in two continents.

But, as her dad says, you run with your head as much as with your legs. So, while this is a book about running, it's not just about running.

You could say it's about ambition (yes, getting out of bed on a rainy Sunday morning counts), relationships (including talking to the intimidating staff in the trainer shop), as well as your body (your boobs don't have to wobble when you run). But it's also about realising that you can do more than you ever thought possible.

Very funny, very honest and very emotional, whether you're in serious training or thinking about running for the bus, this is a book for anyone who after wine and crisps for supper a few too many times thinks they might . . . just might . . . like to run like a girl.

Bits of me wobble, no not those bits and quite frankly get your mind out of the gutter.  I'm talking my belly, my thighs and my horrible bingo wings.  

I have given birth to two children, I have an office job where I spend most of the day on my butt and the last thing I want to do when I get home is exercise, I'd rather have a chocolate bar but alas the older I get (nearing 40) the more I feel I really should exercise.  

I could go to the gym but I hate the heat and people, I could go swimming but I don't know how, what could I do?

Whilst out walking my dog, enjoying the scenery a sweaty yet stylish jogger flounced past and just then the light bulb appeared above my head..."I could do that!".  Well I did for a while, then I got fed up with it, I tried again and stopped but this time I am determined to make my love/hate for running stick and when I saw this book on Amazon I felt it call to me.

Alexandra Heminsley is a very normal non supermodel lady and I mean that as a compliment, she sweats, she chafes and she also inspires!  This is a great read for those of you like me who need that extra kick up the backside to get out there and just do it.

She tells us her story from just padding round the streets to running a flipping marathon.  This book is like Braveheart for procrastinating joggers, once I had read I thought heck I am going to go out there and run.

And I did and I am getting better, I just need to get over my fear of meeting other people and thinking they are laughing at my running.  

Anyhoo if you need some inspo to get out there and do it, read this book!

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  1. This sounds like a great book! Every time I see a runner, I think, man, they make it look so easy! I wish I could be a runner, but my short stubby legs say otherwise, I think. Great job on getting into running!

  2. LOL about Braveheart for runners! I used to run but it's been a while lol but I'm not sure how far I'd get now. I should start again. Yeah right.

    Didn't you used to do that zombie thing? Thos were fun posts... maybe if I imagine zombs chasing me I would get of my a$$ and run,,,

    1. I am still doing that Zombie Thing, that is whats get me through!!

  3. As I know you're getting into running, I can see how such a realistic and relatable novel about running would be perfect for you!


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