Running for my life - Zombies Run 5K - Week One

Over the last few years I have dabbled with running, every time using Six to Start's awesome Zombies Run and Zombies Run 5K app, each time I have failed miserably.  I would diligently go out and try my best but I think the most I managed to last was a month.  I have no willpower.

I am a failure.

But that is not the attitude and I don't know what is different this time, it could be the fact I have bought a decent sports bra and a hands free dog lead which FYI is the best thing ever.  These two simple things along with some spark inside me screaming at me to get going has led me back to Zombies Run 5K.

Zombies Run is excellent, the combination of story and exercise, ZR5K takes those same elements but puts you through 8 weeks (with three chapters/workouts a week) of turning your lack of running to a whole 5k of running. 

Can I make it to week 8?  Well I thought if I posted to the internet my weekly progress it would help me get there.

So without futher ado, my thoughts on Week 1


I have an office job so I would count my level of fitness as meh, I do walk my dog each day which takes us out for a little while but it is not like I am walking up hills every time.

The last time I did ZR5K I had a basic crap sports bra which led to aches in that general area and as I was combining dog walking with outrunning zombies I only had my hand held dog lead.

This time I have swapped both of these things for a better bra and a nifty hands free bungee dog lead that goes round my waist quite the thing.

All I needed to do now was download ZR5K on to the old iPhone. As I had been through the app before I skipped the first chapter which gives background to the app, I headed straight for the Week 1 - Workout 1.

Narrated usually by Sam, the radio operator of Abel Township along with Dr Maxine, I was gently eased in by doing a ten minute walk.  They start by giving you words of encouragement and then music will play if you have it synced with your playlists.  

So off I went listening to my uplifting Zombies playlist and every so often Dr Maxine would chirp up telling me how long I had been at it.  After ten minutes I was told I would know be entering the intervals section of the workout.  

I would be walking for a minute then slow running for 15 seconds, ten times.  Now that may sound easy enough but if you haven't run or exercised for a while then it does kill a little.

Anyway I managed it, the area I have chosen to do this in fits perfectly (at the moment) with the length of time to do my workout. It is a mixture of tarmac and dirt track plus its lovely and scenic too which helps.  But no amount of beautiful scenery could help me feel any less fit than I felt.

After the interval section has finished I was then told it was the ten minute free form part of the workout, I could walk or run or both.  I chose to walk slowly to begin with an occasional 15 second slow jog to kick my arse.

After those ten minutes where up, I was sweating like f*** but I felt happy, happy that I had completed it.  At the end of the workout Sam and Maxine have a bit banter with you and you are awarded a virtual prize for completing that chapter.

Did I manage all three workouts, yes I did, in fact I did week one twice as I managed to reset my achievements so started again!  

So over the two weeks of running week one what have I learnt?

Well I can do it and the free form ten minutes at the end I have found myself running for more of those minutes than walking.  I also find myself needing to run.  

I have also found I am a little self conscious especially if I come across people, I think I'm a little worried if I look ridiculous...

I don't think I could manage to start running with out this app, I like that it takes me by the hand and helps me through the stages.

Whilst at the moment running 5k seems ridiculous (plus the fact I need to figure out where exactly I'll do that 5k) I'm not writing it off just yet.

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  1. Ah, yes, posting on the Internet is the best motivation because then, if you quit, everyone will know about it LOL. I'm glad you've got the new stuff you need though and that it's going well so far!

  2. That sounds like fun actually. I downloaded Zombie Run but I am embarrassed to say I haven't even tried it yet. I don't even heave headphones anymore so I guess I need to get some in order to try this. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am looking forward to seeing how you progress with this. Good luck!

  3. Ooh zombie run! I remember you doing posts about these before... it does seem like a good way to motivate. And I just finished a zombie book so I have zombs on the brain lol.

  4. If I could use this in my home on my own TV I would love it and get myself fit! I don't have any use for smart phones and apps and stuff and I don't even HAVE a mobile phone!

  5. My exercise routine has definitely taken a hit with school being out and just not having the motivation to get to the gym regularly. I LOVE this idea! What a fun way to work in some running (which I hate). When I do get back to the gym I'll have to give this a try. I'll be on a treadmill which isn't quite as scenic but this should make it more entertaining.

    1. It makes it great fun and having a story to follow encourages you to move forward.

  6. I am terrible at running, so me pushing this far would be something too! Good for you for getting the equipment and keeping u your motivation - that's the first step. Everything will fall into place after that :)


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