Running for my life - Zombies Run 5K - Week Three

Over the last few years I have dabbled with running, every time using Six to Start's awesome Zombies Run and Zombies Run 5K app, each time I have failed miserably.  I would diligently go out and try my best but I think the most I managed to last was a month.  I have no willpower.

I am a failure.

But that is not the attitude and I don't know what is different this time, it could be the fact I have bought a decent sports bra and a hands free dog lead which FYI is the best thing ever.  These two simple things along with some spark inside me screaming at me to get going has led me back to Zombies Run 5K.

Zombies Run is excellent, the combination of story and exercise, ZR5K takes those same elements but puts you through 8 weeks (with three chapters/workouts a week) of turning your lack of running to a whole 5k of running. 

Can I make it to week 8?  Well I thought if I posted to the internet my weekly progress it would help me get there.

So without futher ado, my thoughts on Week 3



No I wasn't eaten by zombies, I melodramatically hit my imaginary wall. 

Yep, I managed the first day of week 3, then I went all out on a new route on day 2, change of scenery and all but when I came to do day 3, smack, straight in to the wall.

Week 3 really ups the ante with a 5 minute walk followed by a 5 minute free form run.  Then five reps of 1 minute running followed by 1 minute walking then 10 seconds of knee lifts.  But that's not all then there was another free-form run for 8 minutes then 2 minutes if stretching then to finish it all of 8 minutes of yes you guessed it free-form running.

Twice I went out and twice I failed, to be honest I was really tired this week and I was a little gutted I couldn't do it, it was weird like my legs where heavy and tired, I was also a little scared that I actually wanted to run, what is wrong with me?!

Anyway on Tuesday it was a beautiful sunny evening and I thought fuck it, I'm going to try again, and I did it plus really enjoyed it, the sun was shining, the dog was behaving herself and nobody was about so I could sing along to my gangsta rap and cheesy dance tunes.

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I am a little peeved that I fell by the wayside but I am by no means an Olympic athlete, what I have realised though is that if I am exercising more I need to look at what is going in to my body. Which sucks!

I am pleased though that I didn't just go "sod it" and give up which the Heather of old might have done.

I am also looking forward to the upcoming Zombies Run 5K update which promises a fresh lick of paint to the app.

This week I have been "motivated" by.......

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  1. I would want zombies that just shamble along lol, none of this running crap. It's no fair if they're fast!

    1. They are though, some of them are crazy fast, you've got to be prepared!

  2. I bought the Zombies Run book which is based on the app and allows home exercise so I might just get started on that on Monday! I really need to strengthen my legs and lose some of this weight.

    1. The book is really good, I'm reviewing it soon. It just love it because it genuinely inspires me and the story is not bad either!

  3. Keep going! My motto is some is better than none! I think we can be inspired to continue on with something even if we can only manage a couple of steps. Run you clever girl. :)

  4. Ah I understand why that was so hard! When it comes to conditioning it is never easy and the heavy feeling is normal I promise! But it is going to make running become a lot easier for you down the line. You got this ^.^

    1. Ah thank goodness, it just felt like I was doing well and then urgh! Thanks Olivia!!


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