Running for my life - Zombies Run 5K - Week Four Take One

Over the last few years I have dabbled with running, every time using Six to Start's awesome Zombies Run and Zombies Run 5K app, each time I have failed miserably.  I would diligently go out and try my best but I think the most I managed to last was a month.  I have no willpower.

I am a failure.

But that is not the attitude and I don't know what is different this time, it could be the fact I have bought a decent sports bra and a hands free dog lead which FYI is the best thing ever.  These two simple things along with some spark inside me screaming at me to get going has led me back to Zombies Run 5K.

Zombies Run is excellent, the combination of story and exercise, ZR5K takes those same elements but puts you through 8 weeks (with three chapters/workouts a week) of turning your lack of running to a whole 5k of running. 

Can I make it to week 8?  Well I thought if I posted to the internet my weekly progress it would help me get there.

So this week was great and I would tell you exactly what I did which included a 15 minute free form run but I am afraid Houston we have a problem and for once it is nothing to do with my fitness prowess.

The app has been updated and this is the first time it has been updated in a long time.  

The update is great and has new bells and whistles that add to the whole experience but it has also locked everything from week 4 onwards.  For new users anything past week 4 now has to be paid for.

Now I downloaded this originally back in 2013 so I have been told existing users will of course be granted access and won't have to pay which is great but they are still working on unlocking it which of course takes time.

I have contacted tech support as they have release several updates to the update but that hasn't cleared it so my choice at the moment is to either pay as I have no patience or go back and do week 3 until its sorted.

So hopefully next time I write this it'll be sorted!

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  1. Oh!! I've heard about this app! I need to try it out!

  2. Go back and do week three, don't let those skeeves make you pay!

  3. Okay I can see why that would be a problem. I hope it gets sorted out soon. Also, I absolutely am so happy you enjoyed running this week!


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