REVIEW - Hell Divers II Ghosts by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Title: Hell Divers II 

Author: Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Publisher: Blackstone 

Release Date: 18th July 2017

Source: Net Galley
Ten years ago, Hell Diver Xavier “X” Rodriguez fell to Earth. Those he left behind went on without him aboard the airship he once called home. Michael Everheart—the boy once known as Tin—has grown into a man and the commander of Hell Diver Raptor Team. While Michael dives to help keep the Hive in the air, Captain Leon Jordan rules with an iron fist at the helm of the ship. But unrest stirs under his strict leadership as a prophecy of hope sweeps the lower decks.

When a mysterious distress signal calls the Hell Divers to the surface, Michael and his loyal team begin to uncover long-buried truths and the secrets Captain Jordan will do anything to keep. They dive so humanity survives … but will they survive the ultimate betrayal?

USA Today bestselling author Nicholas Sansbury Smith delivers another heart-pounding thriller in Hell Divers 2: Ghosts, the second book in the acclaimed science fiction series.
Usually after I've read the first book in a series and I've really enjoyed it, I long for the second book. When that second book lands in my hand then the nerves set in, will it be as good as the first book, will the characters that I have invested my time in still be worth reading about.

Hell Divers II - Ghosts thankfully is I feel better than the first book, it is sent ten years after the events that left X Rodriguez stranded on the godforsaken planet that was destroyed during WW3. A new crew of Hell Divers are on duty and a new ship's captain.

The main Hell Diver is Michael aka Tin from book one, now grown up he is following in his late father and his late guardian X's footsteps.  

I won't go in depth with the story but this instalment centres around a mysterious signal that has been received from down below on Earth.  As we discovered in the last book the planet below is far from empty but the creatures that roam the planet are far from friendly and they are in the way of the Hell Divers getting to the source of the signal.

Is there anyone left alive down there after all these years and why is the Captain hiding another transmission that has been broadcast?

I really enjoyed this, the setting is still hellish and perfectly described.  The creatures down below are still murderous and what I liked was that you get an idea of exactly how the came about.

This series has gotten better which is a rare treat and has me very hopeful for the next book.

Thank you to Blackstone for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Nice that it was even better than the first one. I do think this looks like a fun series, because post apocalyptic. I mean, yeah?!? :)

  2. You are making these books very very tempting. :)

  3. I'm so glad you could enjoy the sequel just as much as you liked book one! I can see why you wanted to continue reading and it sounds like the author knew what he was doing :D

    1. He's doing a good job, I just hope book three continues to be good!


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