The day that I walked in to Night Vale was the day I fell in love with podcasts.  

My phone how ever got pissed off quickly as it liked Angry Birds and I'd went and put it in the great recycle bin in the cloud to make way for episodes of quirky shows that me, the owner of said phone likes!

Anyway this week I've been listening to......

Welcome to MarsCorp! You might feel disorientated at first, being 140 million miles from Earth, but there’s no need to panic. As soon as you recover from your journey in suspended animation and get to know your new state of the art MarsCorp home you’ll feel totally comfortable and ready to engage with your tasks on the MarsCorp terraforming mission. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the MarsCorp departments and your fellow workers. In the event of not feeling totally comfortable at MarsCorp, please contact the base manager.
Terra-forming on Mars leads me to think of film like Alien, dark gloomy vistas, metallic looking bases with flickering lights and water dripping from the ceiling (well I think it's water, could be alien goo), anyway I don't imagine bureaucratic officiousness, bonkers behaviour, lots of boozing and inappropriate behaviour.

Mars Corp has all of this in spades, it is hysterical.  It follows Earthling EL Hobb as she is awoken on Mars after being sent their from Earth to work with the terra-forming of the planet, she discovers a base that is barely managing itself and with a bureaucratic rod of iron, she starts kicking arses!

Each episode takes us to another near disaster from fighting with the crazy power hungry resources department or discovering that there may be an added ingredient to the "meat" they eat or finding that the local miners are several sandwiches short of a picnic.

Hobb goes about her day coming in to contact with the weird and wonderful characters that live on the base that include Chip (an android), David Knight (crazy scientist), Martin Mann (base commander, drug enthusiast) to name a few. 

It is really entertaining and genuinely funny, it reminds me a little of the Hitchhikers Guide if it was transported to Mars.

Add this to your weekly pod subscriptions!

Find out more on their website 

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  1. This looks awesome, and even though I have no idea how I'll find time to listen to podcasts I definitely want to try this one!

    1. I keep getting asked how I'm getting through so many, where is my time coming from and to be honest all I do is listen when I walking the dog and driving home from work!

      Mars Corp is funny as anything though, great British humour!

  2. I am still looking for a podcast I will stick with. I'll give this one a try. I love Mars stories. I also found Mister Bear's Violet Saloon, and I am going to give that one a try. https://secretlives.podbean.com

    1. I love that name Mister Bear, will add it to my list. This is a great podcast to listen too and it gives a more humorous look at the red planet!


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