I've been watching.... #6 - Baywatch

I recently went to see this expecting the worse and coming away with a huge smile on my stupid face, it was ridiculous stupid far-fetched fun.

The Rock and Zac Efron make a great pairing as they go from life guards to private detectives as bodies pile up on their golden sands.  They are ably helped by some buxom beauties with brains (god I sound like a tabloid newspaper) and a token funny dude to find out if the local property magnate (who also happens to a stunning yet conniving woman) has blood on her hands.

It is daft as a brush, features a shed load of explosions, penis jokes and gratuitous boob wobbling but one thing for sure this film does not take itself seriously at all.  

It won't win an Oscar but it will make you laugh, cringe, snigger and cheer (yay it's the Hoff!!), I have never been so vocal at a film ever!

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