Dog Days of Summer - Dog Tag!

In celebration of THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER, co-hosted by JO'S BOOK BLOG and LA LA IN THE LIBRARY, they have created a fun dog tag!

LaLa tagged me to answer some dog related questions so without further ado, lets talk dog!!


1. What was the name of your first dog?

My first dog was Lassie, a big hairy, gorgeous Golden Retriever, we grew up together.  

I am led to believe that she ate my parents rent money in the back of their mini whilst my mum was in labour with me.

She was a great dog and a huge part of my childhood, she has a great temperament (unless you were a cat) and was tolerant of my using her as a horse.  

2. Do you have a dog now?

My husband and I have had two dogs, our first was our gorgeous big black Labrador Max, who was taken from our too early at the age of 7 by epilepsy - I miss him still to this day.

Fern is our current dog, she is a crazy Cocker Spaniel and she helped mend our hearts after losing Max.  She is softest, happiest dog I have ever met.  She loves to eat, run, sleep, sniff and help my escape zombies!

You know how they say dogs look like their owners, well we do!

3. What is your favourite breed of dog?

This is a hellish question as I have a few - 

Cocker Spaniel
Labrador Retriever
German Shepherd
Lhasa Apso

4. What is your favourite canine themed book?

Of late I have read a few books with great dogs in them such as....

All of these books feature amazing dogs, one is a magical drunk, one is a sweary Londoner and the other an adorable scruff.

5. Who is your favourite fictional dog?

6. What is your top movie choice with a featured canine?

7. Do you consider yourself a dog or a cat person? Why?

I consider myself TeamDog, for as long as I can remember my family has had a dog, my grandparents, cousins etc also had dogs.  I can't imagine being without one, I love playing with, walking, snuggling and running from zombies with my dog.  

Cats are just not as snugly, I do love cats and growing up on a farm we had lots of them but cats are cats, they do not need us and they choose when you can snuggle, when you can play, plus have you ever seen a video of a cat being walked? Its not pretty.


Tell us about a personal dog related memory.

My dog related memory is just keeping the names in my head of the dogs I have loved and lost.  I'll never forget them and I know that might sound a little cheesy but these beautiful animals were a huge part of my life and it was a pleasure and privilege to spend all that precious time with them.  

On a lighter note I remember when I bought my first home, we'd gone out for an hour and left Max with free reign of the house.  Coming back in to the house we noticed a huge hole in our kitchen exposing plasterboard.  Max looked incredibly innocent as if to say "I don't know who did this" but his black coat was his downfall as his face was now an obvious white colour from the wall.

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  1. So sorry about Max. I haven't had a dog pass but I know it is going to be awful. Thanks for sharing your favorite dog books. I have not heard of those. I am always looking for more dog books. Thanks for participating in the dog tag!

    1. It is heartbreaking, you never forget them. I enjoyed taking part, I love doing something a little different!

  2. Awesome tag. Fern looks like a sweetie, and yay for helping you with zombie runs ha ha. Good dog! :)

    I like dachsunds too. AS a kid I wanted one but we usually had bigger dogs. And that's funny about Max.

    1. Fern is a softie, love her to bits! Max was crazy, miss him loads.

  3. I love Fern! My best dog show buddy had an English Cocker named Robert. I adored him. That is the one imperfection of dogs, that they don't live as long as we do. It's wonderful that you have a work dog. I wish we had a work dog, It would make not having a dog at home a lot easier. I had forgotten about those two earlier dog books you read. I need to make sure they are on my Goodreads shelf. And thanks for reminding me about Up because I am going to be doing a post about dog movies. Thanks for doing the tag!

    1. And your post is linked on mine. :)

    2. You are most welcome, I love taking part in something different. Yep my work dog Lilli is adorable, she checks us all in every day, makes sure we are all there!

  4. I love dogs but never had one. My whole family is asthmatic and we couldn't risk it. I particularly love beagles, greyhounds, spaniels, huskies and German Shepherds.

    1. You do get dogs I think are bred especially for people with allergies, a friend of a friend has this weird woolly dog that was bought especially as the had some sort of allergy. But yes if you aren't sure best to be safe than sorry.


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