My Five Most Hated Buzzwords!

Some of my favourite posts to read are lists, random lists, book lists, lists of favourite chocolates or scary films, you get the idea.

Each Saturday I'm going to pick a topic/book/film/thing and list five things about it - don't expect it to always be favourite things!

This Saturday it is......Five Cool Buzzwords I Hate


I hate this word.

Let's be clear I don't hate the millennials as a generation but I just hate the way everything has to be categorised.  I apparently am GenX and there is GenZ now.  Maybe I am not down with the kids enough to understand the jargon?😉


Ok BAE to me is a large defence company based in the UK who build submarines and boats amongst other large things.

I am wrong apparently, once more not down with the youth.

It apparently means your other half. Where they going for babe, missed that second b and where just to cool to own up to their mistake?


Fleek to me is how I imagine the French pronouncing the English word describing what you do when something lands on your arm. You flick it.

It does not describe how my eyebrows currently look, nor will it ever and FYI they look fabulous!


#Blessed = #Stopbragging


It is a bloody self portrait, speak properly for Kimye' sake.

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  1. Haha! Yes to all of these. Bae makes me cringe.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Yes to all of them! How bloody stupid is bae??? I' ve never even heard of it!

  3. We are 100% in agreement! Fleek as flick, now that's ok! :D

  4. Definitely agree with these! I don't even understand what bae is, and I'm not even that old - I'm a millenial! (which yes, is a totally terrible word with awful connotations at this point!)

  5. The only thing that bugs me about millenial is that some people use it in the wrong contexts. The oldest millennials are in their thirties and some people use it to describe teenagers �� I don't have usually problems with bae or fleek but it grates on me a little when things like that get put onto clothes.

    1. That's true, it does cover quite an age range but of course we also have Gen Y now too. I hate some of these slogan t-shirts, they can be a bit cringey.

  6. I hate bae!! Make it stop. And millenials *rolls eyes* selfie I've always hated too.

    Love Chuckles' comment!!!

    1. I wish I could make it stop but I think it is going to get a lot worse!


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