FUNKO FRIDAY #1 - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)

So a couple of years back I was loitering on Instagram, as you do, and I saw lots of #shelfies with these cute little plastic dudes on them.  They were colourful and fun and in those Instagram pics I saw lots of my favourite characters from book and screen.

I wanted one, just one, that would do me.....

But just like books I couldn't stop at one, I'm not entirely sure how many I've got but I certainly have enough to justify my new weekly post Funko Friday (not very original I know).

I want to share them with you, reader dear, they happily occupy my book shelves but they crave fame and demanded their share of my blog.  

I'll start with the one that kicked it all off -

The man they call Jayne - Jayne Cobb from the legend that is Firefly

Now when I think of Jayne this is how I imagine him, they have totally nailed his wonderful hat and of course his favourite gun Vera.

You can almost here him cursing in Chinese and threatening Simon.  God I miss Firefly, with all the power in the verse I wish I could bring it back!

Anyway he was my first Funko and I was bowled over by how cute he was.  I have tried to buy the rest of the crew but like a lot of Pops they get retired and what stock is left goes stratospheric in price but one day I hope to have the whole ship!

So do you suffer from the same affliction? The need to collect Funko's? Let me know in the comments below!!

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  1. I've never seen Firefly! But I'm watching Dark Matter, which I've heard is something like it (but different too). I love Funko's...


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