My Last Five iTunes Downloads

Some of my favourite posts to read are lists, random lists, book lists, lists of favourite chocolates or scary films, you get the idea.

Each Saturday I'm going to pick a topic/book/film/thing and list five things about it - don't expect it to always be favourite things!

This Saturday it is......The last five songs I downloaded, it's quite the mixed bag baby!

Now that I am of a certain age I find BBC Radio 1 just full of noise and much prefer listening to the smooth sounds of BBC Radio 2, this gem by The Wandering Hearts is on several times a day and has stuck in my head, I love it!

This is another one that seems to be on Radio 2's playlist, it reminds me of Jeff Buckley and I just find it dreamy.

Totally have a soft spot for the Beastie Boys especially their Ill Communications album.  Triple Trouble I love because it is catchy as f*** and it has a fab video with Bigfoot in it.

Back in the day I totally wanted one of those bad ass bomber jackets, they looked so cooooool.  Never got one, which maybe wasn't a bad thing, Scotland in 80's wasn't exactly the same as NYC.  Anyway Push It is one of these songs that instantly reminds me of my childhood and I downloaded as I it good for walking/jogging/running to.

This is a catchy bit of music and again it is great for listening to whilst running along.  Yes they are controversial but again this takes me back to a certain time in my life and I love it for that.

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  1. Well now I'm going to have Push It stuck in my head for the rest of the week! It's so catchy. I love Beastie Boys too - Licensed to Ill was my favorite though I think my favorite song was No Sleep Till Brooklyn which I now need to go buy on iTunes.


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